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Someone just sent me a link to your blog and I LOVE the title. I hope your week goes well and that you have a great meeting with your new fertility doc.

you don't need a husband, you need a wife! a series of unfortunate events is putting it mildly...jury duty almost sounds like a getaway...
no washer/dryer..brutal. hope the liquor holds out.
here's to better days.

Act like a crazy, hyper-judgemental person! The last time I was called, I told the judge (two different cases--a drunk driving one, and a statutory rape) that I was *totally* anti-alcohol (Well, I am. In combination with motor vehicles.), AND that I had major "personal" issues with child molestation (Also true. I think it's TOTALLY bad. And gross. And molestors need serious therapy. And prison time. But I digress.) Instant dismissal!

Having reread this, maybe I AM a hyper-judgemental crazy person. Sigh.

oh, the title made me laugh ... where i live, we had severe floods over the weekend, so yeah :-) sending you lots of sunshine from across the pond.

Crap Sarah someone needs to tell the universe that it sucks lately. ;-)

I don't suppose that Laurie's services include therapy? Might be a good idea since remodeling can make people crazy.

I agree with jerie, I hope the liquor holds out.

My prescription for you would be a very large margarita, on the rocks, tons of salt........and maybe a little more cowbell.

Take care girl!!!!!


I'm a big fan of Starfish Envy. I read this column today about single motherhood and thought that some people here might appreciate it-


Thom fell asleep during jury selection while the judge was talking. Dismissed. Meanwhile, hang in there. The series of events you described would aggravate a zen master. That said, a meditation tip I actually got from an experienced meditator was that while meditating, you can't pretend annoying things (e.g. an airplane droning slowly overhead) aren't happening. There's no way to get rid of the airplane or tell yourself not to hear it -- you'll only end up getting frustrated and hearing nothing BUT the airplane. My friend's advice was to notice the sound of the airplane, acknowledge it, and continue to meditate while allowing the sound of the passing airplane to be part of the present moment. Much love, m.

I had to go back to NC for a funeral last week. Because of flying into tiny airports and using mileage for the tickets and an assortment of other issues, I needed to find a ride to the airport... an hour away from my home town... in the middle of a Monday afternoon. You know, when people are working and kids are getting home from school and all that. I posted something about it on Facebook and got FLOODED with offers from people I hadn't seen in--some of them--close to two decades. It was overwhelming, that people wanted to help just because... well, just because. After a really tough few days, it was a welcome reminder of the basic goodness of the universe and people in general.

So in the spirit of that... my kids are in school and if you need someone to park it at your place in order to let in the electrician this week, I can scamper over. Seriously.

I'm an attorney and am all about the civic duty of being a juror. However, if a prospective juror told me that she was in the middle of fertility treatments, I'd ask that she be excused "for cause".

Sorry to hear about your week... On the bright side, you're at least doing better than the defendant in court, right?!

The pendulum always comes back. The shitty part is never knowing how far back it's gotta go before returning.

I think you need some frozen yogurt. Get thee to Yogurtland, post haste!

Ugh, what a week. While I think someone smart and thoughtful like you would be a great juror, I'm hoping that one or the other attorney is scared off by that and dismisses you from service. Crossing fingers for better luck soon!

It sounds like you need a Diet Coke. Really. You deserve it.

And then go hide under your covers for a few days.

Can I tell you... the universe and I are in the same cycle as you! Man.. too many stupid, are you kidding me things to even enumerate. Glad I'm not alone, so sorry you're stuck here with me.

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