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What elephant? Where? ;-) I LOVE your big piece of rock. Pretty sure we don't have a StoneMart here. LOL Would be cool to look around though.

A fountain is always nice. My mom and dad had one in our small courtyard as I was growing up. The sound of water in a fountain is such a welcoming sound to come home too.

I LOVE that piece of stone. That name, Stone Mart, cracked me up. It's like a super box store of stones. California has everything.

I loved going to the stone store when remodeling my kitchen but think it really helps to bring along someone like Laurie. Somehow they help guide you to the best stone in the place and perfect for your project.

Can't wait to see the finish look. Very exciting.

And loving the idea of the enclosed front patio. It's the perfect addition to a Spanish style home. It makes your entry so inviting and offers you some more space and privacy. It also takes your view looking out of the house from the street to the patio. Perfect!!

i'm all about the monogramed linen hand towels. i love the texture amongst all those smooth surfaces. bitchin.

That's beautiful - like a landscape.

Yay for the slab yard!

I love the curvy lines on this slab, and the colors are just amazing with the things you're already in love with for the bathroom. :)

The color palate feels hopeful to me, and a little... pert.

Love it! Wait til you get the mirror in there too...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, ladies!

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