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Wow! It really looks nice! You did a great job remodeling your laundry room and no wonder you LOVE doing your laundry now! LOL Don't work too hard this week :)

OMGosh look at all the cabinet space you have in your laundry room!!! I have an overhead cabinet that I cannot reach. My detergent, softener etc all just sit on top of the dryer. I should work on making it easier to use...and prettier. I like your pictures.

Keep us updated on the IUI!
Take care!!


The Laundry (and yes, I think it deserves a capital L) looks incredible - not even like a laundry at all!

Maybe having a lot going on is a good thing? You could try to focus on the tasks you've had and let the IUI 'take care of itself'? I know it is annoying when people tell you what to do or take that worked for them, but I do think this helped me with IVF and I think we all get so caught up in these cycles - it can be all we think about and it can be 'nice' to have something else to focus on while the cycle continues on. When my Grandma passed away recently (she passed away, I had my egg collection, organised and went to her funeral interstate and dealt with the many family dramas, then back for embryo transfer), I was so focussed on Grandma that the 'other stuff', though incredibly important, were just appointments in the diary. We managed to have success this round - now I have to try to tell myself to relax and enjoy because it doesn't seem real yet :)

Wishing you all the best with what you have going on right now.

Totally digging your washer and dryer -- love the ass-kicking red. Stains will have no chance in there. Meanwhile, it does sound like you have an extremely busy week coming up. Have you considered, very seriously, hiring a personal assistant for just this week? (As opposed to the work assistant you share with WP.) It really sounds like you need a 2nd You this week, and if you don't know any terrific and extremely smart young folks who would jump at the chance for a few days' work, I can recommend several... cheers, m.

I am in love with your washer and dryer! Whatever extra it cost for the red--totally worth it!!!

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