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I'm wondering if I could borrow Laurie for just a few days? My architect is due here in about 30 minutes and I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed - and all I'm doing is putting in a wall. I hope.

I promise I'll send her back (with homemade pumpkin spice bread and chocolate brownies) when I'm done!

First of all I'd take Shannon up on that offer. I'm sure Laurie could also appreciate some pumpkin spice bread and chocolate brownies.
I'd stand-in for Laurie for a cut of the sweets but I'm afraid I could NEVER pull off wearing those cute boots she wore during your moving day. :-)

re: the 2ww. It isn't over until the fat lady sings!!!

Big hugs!

Hi Shannon! You are more than welcome to email or call me with any questions at any time! I actually do a lot of helping/work/handholding/design over the phone and email - my entire family is from the East Coast so we do some long distance work. :)

Good luck, deep breaths. Ask questions when you have them! Um... and I work for pumpkin spice bread and brownies!! yum.

@Chris - hysterical! My rain boots in LA make quite a few appearances when it's messy. Nothing like Wellies when a job site is a mess!

@sarah- Yay for new twitter followers! and mirrors and tile and backsplashes. x

Laurie -Those were Wellies??? Well they looked cute! haha


Totally Wellies! wait til you see my tap dancing shoes I break out to pull everything together at the end and get her back in the new remodeled house!


I had no idea you wrote for the Vampire Diaries? I'm completely envious and would love a job like that! Want to trade lives? You'd still be a single lady trying to find her way to mommy-hood, but you'd be living in Alaska instead... And Alaska really is pretty amazing! :)

Laurie - LOL I bet Sarah will be SO happy to see you in your tap dancing shoes! haha

Oh, Alaska. That's another good offer Sarah! Isn't there an overabundance of single men in Alaska?


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