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I love a good romantic comedy. I really want to see this one too. The part in the preview where the baby starts walking for the first time and the guy pushes the baby over....cracks me up!!!

I'm not a huge Heigl fan for some reason. Maybe because I've never watched Grey's Anatomy so have only seen her in movies.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!


I can't wait to see the movie either!

Btw have u read Room by Emma Donaghue? Amazinggggg

first, good for you for going to see about that tooth, especially with the weekend coming up...
second, forget about heigl...what about duhamel...now he's a rascal and we all know they are fun. dangerous but fun. never watched grey's so i'm not familiar with her except to know she stirred things up a bit and saw him when i would come across a las vegas...he is the guy isn't he? kind of an early robert urich dan tana type? and his wife is short, god bless him.
third, the baby is precious. enough said. kind of makes you wish some friends of your would croak doesn't it...i mean where you live that translates into a romantic comedy so hooray for hollywood. let us know about the tooth. best,

LOVED her on Grey's up until about the season before she left. Her movies usually leave a lot to be desired... but I'm with you on this one, it looks cute. Although I feel like they have given the whole thing away in the trailer... so seeing the movie will simply fill in the details... we all know how it begins, transitions and ends.

With you on Heigl. But Josh Duhamel, now that's another story. I took my oldest son to see Beezus & Ramona (it's adorable, by the way) and had no idea JD was in it until he slid out from under a truck, all covered in grease. Me-OW. Something for the moms.

So I want to see it, too.

okay, i'm also not a Katherine Heigl fan. downright cannot stand her. but i (heart) Josh Duhamel and found the trailer intriguing. what i expected to be a lighthearted romcom turned out to be one of the better dramedy-s i've seen as of late. i thought the balance between comedy and substance was harmonious. every time i thought they might tip the scale toward maudlin and schmaltzy they stepped back at that perfect moment. in short, i thought it was a well-written, well-directed, well-acted film whose trailer is misleading and therefore will leave some expectant audiences disappointed (though i hope they are pleasantly fulfilled) and other moviegoers will forsake it entirely because they think it won't have substance. (long sentence--apologies.) hope you get to see it soon!

I'm not much of a movie person, so for me to want to go see a movie, that's a big thing. I think it's interesting the pp said the trailer was misleading.

I totally hate movies where they end up together in the end, because to me, that's not real life. But I'm resigned that it might happen again here.

Then again, maybe that's what's misleading about the trailer. There's hope after all!

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