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Wow! The tearing down/out goes fast huh!?

I know Laurie(I think it was Laurie) answered this before but what is the slat stuff that's left after they've stripped everything. And what is it covered with in a remodel???

I know I have 2x4's that make-up the "innards" of my walls and then drywall is put up on those.....with insulation in between.

WOW! I know I have a few pics of our bathroom remodel from a couple of years ago. Now I want to go back and look at them.

So much excitement going on. It's going to be so great when it's done.

Blessings, C

if someone you trust has given you the name of a painter..call them NOW. i waited several months for a truly master painter...he worked alone and he painted the entire house, inside and out. he stayed so long my dog gained
6 lbs..i swear to god. while in residence i taught him how to 'tex mex' on his new phone...he had a niece who had been the 'valavictorian' of her class and he loved the cypress 'cahlyums' on both porches. he was a trip but i trusted him with the silver and we even went out of town twice (he took my dog home with him once). he was very particular with his equipment and his set-up area (ask about that) and he charged me by the hour and i got a solid hour's work too. he got after the bug man for spraying on painted surfaces and the yard man for weed-eating too close to the 'cahlyums'...he is a dying breed. house painters are like baby sitters...you'll learn this quick...NEVER give out their name. NEVER. your best friend will snag your sitter in a heartbeat. lie your head off before you give out a good sitter's name! best,

gin and tonic.

i moved to morocco for a couple of months when my kitchen was being remodelled and let my mother deal with the builders. (she likes this kind of stuff, really.) i cannot recommend this approach enough :-)

LOL I think if I ever remodel again I will take bibi's advice!

The good news is I already have a great painter. The bad news is I can't move to Morocco. But if I'm not pregnant at the end of this two week wait, I will certainly avail myself of a large gin and tonic.

a win-win if there ever was one ;-)

I've been remodeling my place since I bought it a year and a half ago. I've done a TON of work (both bathrooms, all the doors, all the lighting fixtures, flooring, and paint in every room), but hadn't touched the kitchen mostly because it just seemed like such a daunting task and I didn't want to start it until I knew I could finish it. And between IVF in July and my frozen cycle coming up... I just knew there was no way I could afford to finish it. So my kitchen has remained untouched and old and ugly!

About 2 weeks ago though, I had a leak in one of the pipes in the wall. It destroyed my countertops and my flooring in the kitchen, and I just found out insurance is covering the replacement of both! For a little extra I was able to upgrade from the standard they were going to put in, and now I'm in full kitchen mode. Ready to paint and refinish the cabinets, and trying to remind myself that I don't NEED new appliances.

I hadn't been planning on starting in there yet, but the leak and unexpected help replacing two biggies in there was totally the push I needed to take on that beast of a project.

And when it's done, my condo will be exactly what I want it to be!

Which is pretty incredible when you think about it...

Good luck with the remodel! I was pointed to your blog by a reader who said we had some crazy parallels in our lives, and I'm glad she sent me this way!

Sorry for the run-on comment... I have issues with being concise! :)

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