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Fingers crossed for you Sarah .....

HEY! What happened to "Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise?"

Good question, Christi! Ill try to get back to that...

I'm with Christi ... Gooooooo PUPO!

Yep definitely PUPO is the way to go. Yes, that's the new slogan.

PUPO is the way to go!


I have good feelings about this time! And while this may not be any consolation, I hope it helps just a little bit, you are going to have a fabu house by the time the little one arrives (if not this "time" the next time!). BTW, I have been sick in bed all w/e and watched about 40 hours of TVD. OMG, love Stefan. Where can I find one of him? HA

we're sending big hugs from NC to support you through this rough time. We'd send Oscar to make you laugh but he's not potty trained yet.

This is the hardest part. The waiting. Hang in there.

Good luck!

as the cheshire cat said to alice: "Oh, you're sure to [get there], if only you walk long enough."
baby steps will do.

Good luck Sarah, this bit is hard no way around it. On our journey, my acupuncturist said to me "no point holding back the feeling of hope, it's enjoyable, and no matter how much you try to rein in your feelings you will be disappointed anyway if it's not successful". So, hope away :).

no tricks, only treats. hope there is a little 'boo' for you this halloween.

I've got fingers crossed for you that you won't have to get to the IVF stage at all. That THIS IUI round will work for you and result in a baby in your arms.

Because I've got to say, I seriously wish I even had the option of going the IUI route. A failure after IVF just... blows. Mostly because you know it's that much harder and more expensive to try again... Putting that much money into it and having it not work is hard... I hope you never have to get there!

Give this new doctor the hope they deserve - the other tries although painful are in the past. New chances are ahead.

I hope PUPO is holding. I note that as I write more than 2 weeks have elapsed with apparently a fairly rosy general outlook evident ....

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