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Totally awesome!

That is so awesome! Well I suppose it's high time that Moose attracts an attractive man to you rather that a bunch of amorous women (to him)! = )

I love this entry.

ha! awesome!

How great is that! Did you get his number?????

Well, you are gorgeous, so it makes sense to me. Fingers crossed that he is wonderful.

Seriously, I'm with Elizabeth. You ARE gorgeous, and I'm glad he reminded you of it, if nothing else! Have fun with it!

Too cool! It gives you a chance to remember that you are a beautiful, interesting woman!

Now that's a nice way to end a long day!

Of course, I go straight to rehearsal dinner toast. Wouldn't THIS be the easiest of all time to write! OK, reeling back in. What an awesome thing to have happen on the way to doggy day care. I can't wait to pry more details out of you in person...

This is a GREAT thing. What a perfect way to end the day. Hope that a fun date follows!

So you don't know me, but I read and love your blog and I have to say this story made my day. Seriously. Wow. Magic happens (let's hope!) when you least expect it.

GOLDEN! That's one of those classic moments that only happen in movies, tv and books. LOL ;)

Love love love love love it!!!!!

This is the best news I've read all day.

How fun! Nice to get reflections of our beauty from others. I hope it leads to a nice date, as well! he doesn't need to know about baby making until/if it gets serious, in my opinion. Keep us posted! :)

Wonderful! Good for you for giving him your number. "Take chances, make mistakes", as Ms. Frizzle says.

I love your blog, just had to tell you that. I've been reading since the beginning (or very close to it) and I've only commented once, but I read faithfully. I think you're going to make a great mom... I'm your age and I just had a baby -- after a very long road. My first husband passed away suddenly (Williams alum by the way). We were trying to have a baby and I had just had a miscarriage a little over two months before he died. So I mourned not only his loss but what I assumed was the end of my chances to have a child. Anyway, fast forward, I met a wonderful guy and we got married and here I am. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER (or down the street). Best of luck to you in everything! ...ps I'm a journalist and love good writing and I think yours is terrific. You have a great voice.

I can't even read all the comments but can only be the gazillionth to say of course this happened because you are absolutely gorgeous - on top of being one of the kindest souls.

What a lovely serendipity. Have fun with it.

"Serendipity is when you find things you weren't looking for because finding what you are looking for is so damn difficult."

Wow! My head is spinning, these things never happen! I hope it leads to something wonderful :)

That's FUN!!!! And you ARE a beautiful woman, so I'm totally not surprised. Enjoy!!!

like the tile...these things don't 'just happen'.....well, maybe on t.v.

karma. dig it.

Okay, love this and also love everyone else loving it.

And he did not have bad vision.

love, love this! Well deserved and he's tall too!

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