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I love a good flesh worm story... and cure.

I'm with Christi on this. There's just NOTHING better than a good flesh worm story. I'm going to guess and say those are blackheads or whiteheads. Either way, gross!
Thankfully I can order up my Clinique 3-step cleansing system and don't have to get out my mortar & pestle to make my own facial wash!!

I do love it when you "read the cookbook" to us! :-))

Flesh worms.... wonderful.

Reminds me of a great 1950's public health movie that we watched in med school called: HOOKWORM, The Scourge of the South. Here is a link http://ncmuseumofhistory.org/exhibits/healthandhealing/topic/12/ to some good hookworm history.


"Strong coffee, hot bread and butter, heated grease, highly-spiced soups, meats or game, hot drinks, alcoholic liquors, fat meats, are all damaging to its beauty."

My complexion is screwed.

Wrinkles in the Skin: White wax, one ounce; strained honey, two ounces; juice of lilly bulbs, two ounces. The foregoing melted and stirred together will remove wrinkles.

it will also remove hair. assume the position.
ah, the good old days when brazil was just a place in south america.

Wow, removing freckles sounds a little invasive. I think I'll just accept them as sun-kisses.

And you're right that it sounds much more enchanting as "twa-lets". :)

I'm off to start juicing lily bulbs now.
Wait, what?
I do like this line though: "A good complexion never goes with a bad diet." It's actually stuck with me since I read your blog the other day and I even ate lettuce and cucumber this week. The most tasteless of foods..

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