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I'm glad you are feeling better about things, it's good to have a plan and not have to make any more decisions for a while. Good luck with everything. I hope there are no polyps so that you can skip that step and just chill out until you return from Spain.
Good luck too with Mr TNG!
Arohanui x

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world. The people there are so proud and beautiful, I was honored when someone spoke Catalan to me like I was a local. Even if it was an old woman yelling at me in a square after I'd fought off a mugger and no one had helped me. A woman applauded me, too! Yeah, great city, but watch your bag carefully. You get distracted by the beauty very easily.

I am SO envious about Barcelona! I know that I find it helpful to have my plan. Even though I just had an IUI yesterday, I already know what the next step is if this doesn't work. Have a great time in Barcelona!!!

i love barcelona...the paella...OMG...we stayed at the hotel arts and cabbed everywhere. las ramblas reminded me of parts of new orleans but take
amockingbird's advice and keep an eye on your bag, especially when looking at the human statues...and beware of people trying to 'help' you without your asking. if you get a chance to visit the dali museum (outside of barcelona) do it...it's quite remarkable. i bought several small pieces of pottery and have used it a lot...a little pitcher that i use for a vase in my guest bath...you should find several pieces that go with your new rooms.
if this is your first trip, you will be amazed at all the gaudi....if it was your tenth trip, you'd still be amazed. this trip is probably just what the doc ordered...send pics...safe travel.

You had me at Barcelona. Work on your lisp...

I suspect Barcelona is crawling with lovely Spanish TNG's. Hmmm...

Do they use Google there?

Good luck with the polyp thing. Hope it's really nothing.


Safe travels! you inspired me to plan a trip-- I just booked Paris for March. yippee!! Fingers crossed NO surgery needed for you.

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