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What a great idea! Just made my donation but pls save your books (I already have the books and *love* them). I feel like your blog/words are gifts enough.

Wow! On that note, have a look at this from the water.org website.


You'd be surprised at how far a small donation goes. Water is the biggest thing we take for granted!..

Donation made. Thanks for highlighting such a great charity.

Sometimes it's the simplest things that we take for granted (even in Southern California).

happy to donate...have been involved with @charitywater in their 'birthday' program for a while. you have had a very interesting life...this give a-way is a win/win for all concerned, especially at thanksgiving or as we like to call
it here in louisiana: saintsgiving....same difference. good idea by you.

Having carried water in my younger days.......hopefully my donation helps someone.

Donated. XD
Too many people take water for granted. I'm thankful i live in the U.S where i don't have to walk for water...you can't live without water. It's depressing and sad that their are people out their who don't have the luxuries of having water whenever we want come out of a facet.

Totally just donated. I started reading your blog when the twitter war came to be, and I gotta say, I really love your point of view. Thank you for inspiring me to give. :)


There was a Twitter war?

I'll be donating first thing in the morning. You gotta love payday!

I donated!

I've never commented on your blog, but I've been reading it religiously ever since I found you through Gretchen Rubin's blog. I always look forward to your posts! Thanks for the awesome blog, and the chance to win a prize!

A great reminder and support for this Kansas City based non-profit. Also check out what this KC band is doing with a partnership with water.org: proceeds from their recent release Pools the Swell with the Rain are going to the Kyuso District in Kenya. http://www.barclaymartin.com/

Done. I'm carrying water every day myself right now, but just from my rainwater tank to the garden.

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