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I love my acupuncturist Abigail so, so, so very much. I started going when I wrenched my sciatic nerve, and she not only fixed the acute pain, she dealt with the chronic ache I was so used to I didn't even mention it for months. "You can't sleep on your left side, and you think that's OK? Yeah, let's fix that." Plus she is a miracle worker with migraines. She has this nurturing attitude that just makes you feel taken care of and safe. I think one of your fellow writers goes to her, too, actually.

Hi Sarah,

Believe it or not...I am thankful for you! I came across a link to your blog a few weeks ago (on Gretchen Rubin's site) and clicked on over to have a read. I was immediately struck by your story, which is not all that different from mine. I have never really read blogs before (time paucity) and you have opened up an entire world for me. A world containing women who understand me and the hopes, dreams, disappointments and fears that we carry with us through this damn difficult journey to motherhood. Before reading your blog, I "knew" no single women who were TTC. I had never heard of the term "Choice Moms". They are as rare as hens teeth in this part of the world!

I have loved reading your blog, you speak my thoughts without even knowing me. It has helped me more than I would have ever anticipated. I have now started a blog of my own and it has already been cathartic. I feel as though I have left some of the dark load behind, somewhere out there in cyberspace, and I am now stronger and more myself again.

So thank you Sarah! Thanks for the Kitchenaid post, which spoke to my own stupid hang-ups that none of my friends really get about me because they all got their kitchen appliances as wedding gifts. Thanks for the water.org link (climate change is close to my heart). Thanks for being my link into this world of supportive and knowledgable women. Thanks for writing on the VD (which we get in NZ too). Thanks.

Enjoy your Thanks Giving!!
Arohanui xx

I've had the same experience with my acupuncturist speeding recovery from a cold! Less than eight hours after my AP appointment I was fever free and able to go to work. It's one of the best things I've ever done.

I love your idea of a week of Thankful....I might have to steal it.

(Oh, and, of course, fingers crossed for this cycle!)

this week has always been my week of thankful. thanksgiving was my grandmother's holiday and my daddy's favorite and now that they are gone, the tradition has passed to me and it's a lot of work but a sweet reward.
i am also thankful i live in an age where communication and information are clicks away and we can support other women and their causes and endeavors. i am thankful you share this part of your life and allow us to be a part of it. i am thankful my children are healthy and happy and doing well in college and i promise you this: for every minute of time you give yours it comes back to you as they grow and succeed. pregnancy did not come easy for me either so when it did happen (age 41) it was that much sweeter. i am thankful your spirits remain high and even in your lows, you stayed positive and i look forward to hosting the first ever skype baby shower in your honor..

Wow, y'all-- These comments are totally making me teary, today! Arohanui, thank you for the kind words, and GOOD LUCK on your journey! Jerie, thanks for reminding me it's possible to get pregnant when you're not 25 anymore! Shannon, steal away!

And Amockingbird, my former acupuncturist was an Abigail (quite possibly the same one), and I LOVED her. Had to stop going to her because her hours didn't work with mine, but she's the first acupuncturist who cured one of my colds!

Sarah, it probably is the same one, as she had a Laura fill in this summer when she was on maternity leave! She has quite a few TV writers as patients.

Yep, thats her! Love her!

I am thankful for my health and my ability to dance and move. I'm grateful that I have recently had windows of clarity that I am whole and complete and OK on my own and don't need to feel anxiety or inadequacy in periods of solitude. glad that you are experiencing such positive impact from acupuncture!

I'm a little late to the thankful party, so I'm just going to do one big post on my blog for it, but thank you for the inspiration! I have to ask... does acupuncture hurt? I'd like to try it some day.

I’m glad it worked out great for you! You are so lucky to have found a reliable acupuncturist. I have heard stories of people going through a tough time with their acupuncturist because of different reasons. I think you ought to know this stuff before you go through the procedure. That way, you wouldn’t be shocked when they start sticking the needles into your body.

If you had a great time after the acupuncture procedure, then I guess it’s time for your closest friends or relatives to experience this as well. And I’m glad that you’ve found the acupuncturist that will satisfy you. Haven’t you tried yoga sessions? Man, I feel lighter inside and out after trying that out! Some of the famous athletes are doing that to boost their performance.

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