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it's after midnight here so i'll be brief and you've had an uplifting couple of days but i'll say the habit of praying will serve you well when that darn stork decides to fly your way.
the La Leche League is a nat'l organization that encourages breast-feeding. i had to get a breast pump from them because the baby nurse (semper fi) told me i was low on the output, twins ya know and my hand to God, it was this huge electric thing that could have been a generator for an RV...but it could sure pump. i think they have probably made some strides since 1991.
we're right here. in your corner. praying. here in la. we use a little
gris-gris in the mix and add wishin' and hopin'. there was a blue moon last night. pretty rare. just sayin

My dad was raised Catholic, and has gone back to the church in the last decade or so, and now goes to mass most days. He has a wonderful priest, the kind of man for whom all babies he baptizes relax and never cry. He prays for me, his messed up but loving kid, and also for my friends. I have a Buddhist friend who did 100 days of chanting in honor of my dear beloved cat who died of cancer last year. Religious or not, I think the energy helps us. As for your becoming a mom, I'm a new reader to your blog, but it's something I worry about, too, as I'm getting older and horribly single. But my parents were married for ten years before the doctors in the UK accidentally fixed my mom's endometriosis and allowed her to have me, so I have a weird, deep faith that things work out. One of my good friends was unable to get pregnant, and has the most freaking awesome little girl she adopted from China. You'll be a mom, and you'll be a good one.

This choked ME up!

There are lots of people out here rooting for you :)

The card doesn't surprise me. That's who they are... always thinking of others... especially family. We are all saying prayers, keeping our fingers crossed and sending hugs. You will be an amazing mom!

How sweet of your Aunt Gene, Dana & Melvin. That's an awesome thing to do for you.

As the wife of a preacher I think one of my job requirements is to pray. I have you on my permanent prayer list.

Sometimes it's just nice to know someone is thinking good things about you. I'm pretty sure everyone who reads your blog wishes you well on your journey to being a mom. You're going to be a great one.


Chris, Im honored and thankful to be on your permanent prayer list!

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As one who has been there, done that & did not get the t-shirt (or baby for that matter) I got teary eyed reading your post. I am not overly religious either, but I have been praying for you to fulfill your dream of having a baby. Every time someone else I know manages to get pregnant makes it a little less sad that I couldn't.

I'm new to your blog, but I'm a believer and I'm going to say a prayer for you right now. I pray that you will feel God's love and that your life will be full of blessings, and, if it is His will, you will be a mother. :-)

What a beautiful prayer - and what an amazing family!

That's pretty much how it happened for me about eight years ago. At 39 yrs old after 16 months of trying and one miscarriage I was driving to work having gotten a not-pregnant result from a home test an hour earlier, I got teary and felt my courage simply fail. Never in my life had it ever even occured to me to pray to Mary but suddenly I whispered "Mother Mary, please hear my prayer, please intercede for me. Woman to woman, you know what's in my heart." Later that day I felt funny--like I did when I was briefly pregnant before. On my lunch break I raced out for a new test and this one gave me the good news. My beautiful daughter is 7 years old and the joy of my life. That first home test must have been defective.

That is very touching, it made my day and I'm not the one being prayed for :)

You're in my prayers like before

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