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That's a lot of stuff to have to do and go through. The best thing to do is hope and pray that someday in the very near future, while holding your newborn, you'll think "it was ALL worth this".

Hope you don't need the polyp surgery.

You have my prayers as always!

Yikes! The femoral massage sounds like a quick route to a DVT. It makes me nervous just reading about it.

I'm sorry you've been through such a hard time. Here's hoping for a better 2011.

Hoping with you!

i think scheduling a trip to barcelona was a very wise choice. from your posts it sounds like you have 'hit the wall.' i wish i had some words of comfort to make you feel better but i don't. it sucks and it's a crappy hand you've been dealt. so far.
i hope your scan gives some sort of result right away...no waiting. god knows you've had it up to here with the waiting game. you have a lot of support from all across the country. that's kinda amazing. you've brought us to 'this place'. and we are here for you. onward.

Ah yes, I hear you! Last xmas I was also anticipating pregnancy (so no drinking at xmas parties and no tasting of listeria platters at all the summer BBQs). If this IUI (#9) doesn't hit a home run I can't start IVF until May 2011 (heading to outback Australia for April and don't want to risk being the only doctor within a 2hr plane ride!). I hope you have a lovely xmas despite the tremendous sadness you will be experiencing. If this IUI goes to custard I am boycotting xmas entirely!
Arohanui x

Hang in there! 2010 brought the changes to your home, and I hope that 2011 brings you your bundle of joy!!! You're in my prayers. :)

I can totally feel your pain, as I've expected to be pregnant the last few Christmases. The saline hyst isn't bad, and actually, neither are the surgeries (I'm going on my 4th lap). Best wishes with everything and praying that your first IVF will be the answer!!! Happy Holidays! Beth

Sarah, I did the femoral massage every night, and used the heat pack on my belly every single night for about about 5-6 weeks before my last successful cycle. Is that why this one worked? I don't know, but I like to think that it helped.

I hope that next year your Christmas list is full of numbers of diapers changed and loads of baby laundry washed!

"Yikes! The femoral massage sounds like a quick route to a DVT. It makes me nervous just reading about it."

Just thought I'd my medical opinion about this one - if you have vascular disease or horrendously high cholesterol, you shouldn't do femoral massage. Otherwise, all it's doing is cutting off arterial flow to your lower leg (and at least theoretically re-routing it to your reproductive organs) for 30 seconds. It could also occlude venous blood flow back, but the pressure of the blood flowing through the artery when you release it is so great, there's no risk of stagnation leading to DVT.


I have to admit I'm on the side of thinking the femoral massage thing is odd. Stopping the flow of blood through a major artery never sounds like a good idea. Although with my family history and my crappy cholesterol I'd probably definitely have a DVT.

That's quite a list, especially when you see it all in one place like that! Hope you're coming to the end of all the procedures soon!

Do you know your IVF protocol? If it includes vivelle or endometrin, I have quite a bit left over I would be happy to send your way. Just let me know.

Agree with so many of the sentiments above. Hope you manage to unwind a little in Barcelona and come back ready for the next round. I've been where you are too, it's not fun at all, and hope that you can instead be going through the issues of pregnancy soon :)

I totally feel your pain! I've also had 7 IUI's, 7 BFN, an HSG, a saline hsyt (30 sec of intense cramping and then fine) and a hysterscopy to remove a small polyp. The hysteroscopy wasn't bad. They knocked me out with some happy drugs and I woke up after with very mild cramps and spotting - went out to lunch with a friend and then took a nap! Sounds like you have a great plan for your IVF cycle. Best of luck - I can't wait to read about your BFP!

Yeesh, Sacha, we really are in the same boat!

Trying to catch up on my blog reading. I had a hysteroscopy for a uterine polyp. It was really no big deal. My polyp was fairly large and was embedded in the lining. So it was a bigger deal to remove than most. Most uterine polyps are kind of hanging from a stalk in the uterine cavity, so are very easy to remove. But even with my bigger, more dug in polyp, I was really fine by the next day.

BTW, I know and know of soooooo many women who got pregnant on their first IVF and MANY failed IUIs. Frankly, I'm always kind of shocked when IUIs work at all.

Dora-- Are we the same person? Looks like mine is embedded, too. Blech! Good to know it was fine quickly.

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