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Happy travels!!!!! Wishing you a joyful, peaceful and blessed New Year without stress ... without pain ... and with all you desire. Love, jeanne

the rain in spain stays mainly in the plain. safe passage and don't worry about that naughty or nice thing. see ya on the flip-flop

this is wednesday the 22nd..sarah...when i posted the rain quip.....my god.....i hope you are not in harm's way and that your home is intact. i know from weather and what y'all are going through is brutal. stay high and dry...

this is thursday, the 30th and since ONE of us has a cold, we've had to re-group and cancel part of the new year's celebration so..the kids are in new orleans without us. this is the first new year's eve we've not celebrated as a family-but they do not seem to be concerned...and i can't blame them. so, i've made a vat of soup and have bought the black-eyed peas which i will cook for new year's day...southern tradition....black eyed peas are for good luck which is why i am mentioning it to you. southern living magazine will have a good recipe...with sausage...if you are so inclined but just know i'll eat enough for you. hope you are enjoying your holiday.
we were in dallas for christmas...they have a chain of stores there called CONDOMS TO GO...with a drive-thru, natch...so watch out Neiman's!

sarah..wherever you are....happy new year! wishing you all good things and wishes granted and dreams coming true. i hope this is your decade to shine. come home. we miss you.

one last thing. i ate lots and lots of black-eyed peas today and dedicated two or three big spoonfuls to your luck beginning on one, one, one one.

Happy new year Sarah! I hope you come back from Spain soon. I'm really missing you and your blog! - Amy

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