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Oh, I love the Desiderata. My high school BFF gave it to me in a book when we graduated. I hadn't thought about it in years and then, somewhat recently, one of my college professors posted it on Facebook... one line at a time for many days. She said that each day, she was focusing on that specific line as her mantra. It is so very lovely and I cannot imagine that anyone--of any political or religious mindset--can find reasons to fault it. I am glad it is bringing you peace... and thank you for the reminder!

Ahhh, I love this poem. Thanks for posting it Sarah, it comes as a timely reminder :)

Not going through the exact same hardships but feeling some seasonal ICK all the same. I too hope that today marks the end of the darkness. Every day I hope that something will happen to make me want to get that damn tree out and put it up. What I wouldn't give to have the kid inside of me come out and yell at me and remind me that Christmas is supposed to be fun. Thanks for helping me feel like I am not alone this year.

I love that you shared this!

A friend gave me this poem, hand-written and rolled up like a little diploma, upon my graduation from grad school.

At the time, I was cynical about love. Also, it was the first time anyone had ever told me that I had a right to be here, as much as the trees.

The poem made a considerable impact on me. And I love that it has on you as well -- you can feel calmer after reading it!

That's how you know it speaks Truth.

this post is so fitting as i am really trying to speak my truth quietly and avoid loud and aggressive persons during this re-entry period of adjustment when kids home come home from college and i must say they are yet to take kindly to the counsel of my years but like you, i have hope and faith.
you are taking necessary steps to clear your mind and that is very good news for those of us who care about your journey. this poem has given me pause as well and judging by the posts, it touches people on different levels but in the end we should all strive to be happy although sometimes the process is long and bumpy. it reminds me, as we celebrate various holidays pertaining to one's background/religion that there is a common thread and that is 'let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.'
I have peace in my soul and will work on having it in my life. breathe deeply sarah, this could be the start of something big. as always,

Ooh. I have this framed and hanging by my bathroom mirror in an attempt to shape my mindset every single day. There's a note on the bottom of my copy that says it was found in a church in the 1690s.

The part of that poem that gives me goosebumps is the, "You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here." part. Not sure why I need a reminder that I have a right to be here, but sometimes I just do.

Glad blues are getting greener. And thanks for the shout out. :)


That was wonderful.

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