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Wonderful news for your friends. Congrats.

How exciting!!! When I was the moderator for a TTC group many years ago, there were tons of people who moved on to adoption. Most of them international. We actually where nearing the end of our paperwork gathering, interviews, etc etc for adopting a baby from China.
A few months before we would have been assigned a child I got pregnant. The timing would not have worked for us though because I would have been delivering in the US by myself while hubby would have been in China for an extended stay to pick up a baby. Also, most all of our paperwork would have had to be redone with an addition to the family.

There are many ways to make a family and I think adoption is a wonderful one. Congratulations to your friends and their son and daughter. They've been doubly blessed!

I love news like this - congratulations to TS and his wife!

Fantastic news! Tell them congratulations from KC.

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