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Henrietta is a lovely name for a girl and Henry is a great name for a boy. Won't find those names on a key chain rack...too special! sleep well.

Wow. That does sound an interesting read (and I do like science). Thanks for the tip!

Ooooh, I remember the Today show doing a piece on her. I was immediately intrigued. Unfortunately, I've got a mind like a sieve, so I completely forgot the woman's name (story of her life, eh?)

Thanks for the reminder - I'm actually going to put this on my LAPL list right now!

Hope you're feeling better, or at least starting to. As shitty as things have turned out for you (up until now), at least you have a more-or-less definitive timeline for when you're actually going to be able to start trying to get knocked up. Until then, I completely agree with Liz in that you're REALLY going to enjoy Barcelona that much more, knowing that you can drink copious amounts of rioja and eat piles and piles of unpasteurized cheese. I digress.

Sending a virtual "chuck on the chin" to you... (and hoping you don't want to punch me in the face in return for such a cheezeball gesture.)

I started reading this last month for a book club, and while I ended up not being able to go to the book club meeting, I still can't put this book down!

Even from someone who IS in science and health care, I find this fascinating, even more so because my areas of expertise include ethics and human/civil rights as they pertain to health care.

I'd love to hear more about what you think of the book when you finish it!

Ooooh, this sounds like something I'd LOVE! Amazon just made more money off me this holiday season, at least this time it's something for me!

Thank YOU! My oldest son (28) and I have been trying to find another book to read together at the same time....so we have someone to talk about it with.

I copied and pasted what you said about this book to him and he had just recently listened to a podcast show about it!! Thought you might want to hear it as it's has actual recordings of the author and Henrietta's daughter talking etc. Very cool.


We are both excited to start this one......We've been out of sync with our reading and haven't found something we both wanted to read in a while.


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