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Glad it looks like a polyp especially since removing it can set things right. Someone close to me tried for about five years to get pregnant and once her polyp was discovered and removed she had two babies one right after the other without any more problems.

You may not even need IVF after the surgery. She didn't.

Consider this the hug that I would love to be there to give you. I'll save them for Christmas. Love you , AG

Okay, so the plan is in place. Have a wonderful time in Spain. Drink lots of good Spanish wine.

The hysteroscopy will be fine. I think to think of twilight anesthesia as a REALLY good nap. I believe with embedded polyps (the proper term is submucosal) it's standard to do a d&c while in there. You'll be sore afterwards, but you'll have a lovely clean uterus for your little one to hang out for nine months. When you wake up it will hurt. Ask for some IV pain meds before they remove your IV. Fentynal is lovely. They will probably give you some pain pills before you leave and give you an rx for more. TAKE THEM! Your body is better able to heal when you're not in pain. Go home and take a long drug induced nap. You'll still be sore the next day, but you'll be able to function, and will probably just need some ibuprofen.

As for Elizabeth's comment about not needing IVF after the polyp is removed, at 39, you might want to try another IUI, but really, since cost is not the issue, IVF will almost certainly get you pregnant quicker.

Oops, sleep deprived typo. That should have been, "I like to think of twilight anesthesia as a REALLY good nap."

I second AG.

Bummer! Well, time off to relax, enjoy Spain, and come back rested and ready for surgery and the next step. It'll work out OK, I'm sure. And the rest of your Columbia "family" sends more hugs your way, as well. Our love,

I hope you can let go... just for these two months... and enjoy the time. It's like a forced vacation during which you get an ACTUAL vacation. Let your body relax, unwind. Have the wine. Try the dessert. Kiss the ugly guy.


Now that it's done, it's decided -- now you just get to enjoy it. Let go and live. You deserve it.


As sad as I am that you're not preggers quite yet...think how frustrating it would have been NOT to be able the eat fabulous unpasturized Spanish cheeses, and swill Rioja and Manzanilla in the many wine bars of Barcelona. One last hedonistic, self-indulgent week, and then you're off to the responsible races.


I TOTALLY agree with Jen K. The only thing to do is to to embrace this forced vacation. Do what you can to de-stress and get to a point where you feel really good. Concentrate on the things you CAN take hold of and just give up the reins on the things you cannot.

Because I've personally had a crappy day I went back to your last post's replies. I've made a list of the edible stress relieving ideas. Here they are.

Ice cream, pie, spiked eggnog, more ice cream, pizza, chocolate, Starbucks calorie-filled holiday drink, yogurt, more wine, chocolate chip cookies, and more wine. So, those are the choices. Actually it looks like a mighty good menu. If we ate ALL of that at the same time we'd have all the food groups covered so who could say it's bad!!??


y'know, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. last nite /nothing to do i decided to catch up on 'the little couple'..a show on TLC..a reality show about a couple of 'little people'...the wife is a noted physician in neonatal at texas children's in houston. fast forward to: we're trying to have a baby, have a surrogate all lined up in tx but go to the doc in l.a. also a noted physician in fertility, Dr. Robert Boostanfar. i follow them through a series of shots, follicles not coming along, phone calls, dashed hopes and renewed faith for another try. sarah, the agony on their faces when the doctor gave them the follicle, egg news...i must apologize for my sometimes cavalier comments regarding your journey. how brave you are to face this on your own and get the news you've gotten with a stiff upper lip...you are my hero in this journey and so as the little couple try again with stronger shots (that give her migraines) i (we) have your back while you deal with this universe business so you can bounce back even stronger. i will stop short of the wind beneath my wings theme of this post and shut the hell up. and just fyi...we are mama grizzlies on crack when it concerns you or 'lucky you'. i got a good feeling about this, i guess you could say i was hooked on a feelin..kick up your choos in spain!

Ugh. I had to do two unplanned breaks when I was TTC - the first was right before my first BFP, and I was bitter and angry about it the entire time. The second was when my period came at just the wrong time after my D&C and I had to wait another month before starting again. That time I decided to follow advice similar to what you've already gotten - I went to Vegas, I drank wine, I had fun and tried to allow myself to relax and do the things I like to do when I was away from work. I don't know if that's what led to my next BFP or not, but I know that I was a lot happier that second enforced wait (even though it was hard work keeping myself in the upbeat mood!)

I'm so glad you found your new RE. At least she's doing the right tests and taking the right steps to get you to your BFP in 2011!

I'm so sorry you have to pause right as you're ramping up again. So frustrating! As others have said, embrace the time if you can, and know that you will be on the other side of this, with a child, in the not too distant future.

Hey sweetie - I really hate that I didn't have time to catch up with you at the end of my trip, once you were back from your TDay visit. I would have been glad to give you a hug or two! I'm delighted to hear you're going to Barcelona and hope you have a fabulous time and let all that tension go. I vote for waiting till the house is all finished before you crank the IVF process up - I still can't imagine doing all that stuff .... Anyway, wish we could have caught up in person, but give me a call when you can! xoxoxo

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