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Hey Sweet Sarah, I love it when you try to fix something & it fixes something else more critical.

Happy New Year polyp free uterus!

WOW! That certainly explains a lot (past failure to become pregnant).

Pretty cool that you're now crossing things off your Pre-Prego To-Do List!!

If you have any extra vicodin, I'm happy to take it off your hands. Let me know...

took my boys back to school for 2nd semester...seems like there are clean slates all around. you can now begin your year. three cheers for you and a good report...all is well, start your engine.

when you think of it, a perfectionist uterus is not necessarily a bad thing to have :-)

p.s. the picture you used reminded me of magritte, so i'm sending you one right back (substitute the overcoats and bowler hats with preferred style):

Hope this will help with the cramps, too. And hope you get something better growing in there.

My uterus is apparently much more focused than the rest of me: I had one fibroid, the size of a grapefruit.

Gross. And so glad it's taken care of.

Wishing you a speedy recovery,

wow, I'm glad that such a huge impediment has been identified (always the tough part) and obliterated!

Hi Sarah, I'm finally delurking. I've been following both the house renovations and your pregnancy plans with interest. I too am a SMC hopeful but up here in Canada.

So sorry to hear that you had all those polyps (yes, repeat that word over and over again until it sounds strange lol) but I'm so glad to hear you had surgery to deal with them. I'm crossing my fingers that not only will this help with cramps but also with a little bean sticking in there.

Glad AG finally made it after the eventful trip out there. :) Give her a hug and tell her "Hi" back.

As far as the surgery, very happy that you had it done. It just means that you are one step closer to being an amazing mom.

Wow. That totally explains why nothing else has worked - I so love your new RE!

Two months is going to fly by - and I'm looking forward to nothing but good news for 2011!

Thanks, Shannon! I hope to be following in your preggers footsteps before too long!

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