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*LOVE* your window seat/bench thingo. The whole entryway looks awesome!

What an improvement! You so make me want to start my renovations...I just have to wait for the earthquakes to stop first!

Love it! The color, the tiles, the seating...awesome! I do have to ask though. Why does the door look askew???

Lord, everything in my house looks askew! Its all wonky that way. Which is part of why Im thinking of getting a new door!

Very pretty but that throw rug really scares me. As a teenager, I slipped on a throw rug and wrenched my back. Safety first, always.

Oh, and while I am on a safety kick, I will caution against ever having a glass in the bathroom. A colleague had a drinking glass in the tub, and it ended up severing an arm tendon. So I go around warning people of that, too.


I love it! The tile is beautiful, and I really like the two throw pillows.

My house renovation project was MUCH smaller than yours, and finished a month ago, and yet my house is still a wreck. Somehow I imagined that everything would magically fall into place once the construction guys were done....

LOL Things in my house look askew as well. I have two back bedrooms that were added on sometime in the 70's and from the cracks in the wall it looks like those two rooms are just going to fall off the rest of the house.

THANK YOU for using the word WONKY! I used wonky the other day and my stodgy husband goes "that's not even a word". duh, yes it is! 20 yrs ago our son had surgery on his wonky eye. Ok yeah there are medical terms but wonky pretty much says it all. And, I've been seeing a LOT of adults with wonky eyes lately and I can't for the life of me figure out why they don't get them fixed. oops...sorry for the silly rant.

Oh I agree with actuary too. Make sure you have some of that non-skid stuff under the rug.


now that the wonky door has been addressed and the issues with the slippery rug on tile is noted...i can only offer this: i love the foyer piece and if moose has the run of the place i imagine the window seat will be his new spot. i do love the door...can't weather stripping even out the bottom? i love old doors...so much character. and i love the b/a pictures. i hope you brought a piece of pottery from spain for the foyer piece and uh, what about those travel pics? and finally.....adios january. hurry sundown.

It looks wonderful - and I also love the window seat! It reminds me of you!

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