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It's already looking pretty awesome to me :) Love those floors!

Gorgeous!! Yay!

Looks really nice. Glad to hear your surgery went well too.

Looks great!!

your choices are lovely & thanks for the b/a pictures...really remarkable-be proud of yourself and your 'new' place...your house is now your home.
i could not tell exactly the color of the couch but it looks so comfy..i'd opt for re-cover or slip-cover (washable..good for doggies). i don't think your room is 'yikes' worthy...it just needs stirring. when my momma would re-arrange things she would say she just 'stirred it with a big stick'...my sisters and i swim in that gene pool as well so i would offer up this (grain of salt) advice: move your chest (coffee table) to the R side of your sofa...and get that ottoman you talked about but super-size it and use for coffee table. men love to put their feet up and put their glass down on something & babies like soft edges & corners. set a big tray on it. look around on http://www.ballarddesigns.com/-i love their natural fiber rugs.
your wood floors are beautiful and hey, they match moose! this looks like the dawning of the age of whatever the new zodiac sign is. the 'before' start to your new year kinda blew so here's to your 'after' start of the new year-wishing you good food, good friends, good times & wishes granted.

Let's be honest... How many times have you washed your hands in your new sink, "just because you can?"

I love it! So bright and open feeling - the archway and hardwoods are gorgeous!

It looks awesome! Yay!

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