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Hopefully in a couple of years with your own 2 year old you will see a real good one in full court action!

I guess there is no way in the world for the sperm bank place to send a letter to donor #865478-w5h7uiiyth87654-99 and request he make another donation? That'd be awesome wouldn't it?!

You know what's better than a temper tantrum and a nap? A really, really, really large. Maybe two. Just saying.

Praying for you to find the perfect donor.

Take care

LOL Karen are wishing a 2yr old's temper tantrum on Sarah???? I LOVE IT! It's a great idea!!

Sarah, I too hope that a couple of years from now you are dealing with a horrendous temper tantrum. You're gonna love em!

i got nothing. nada. zip on this subject but if you were my daughter i would tell you to look long and hard at family health history, IQ, height and male-patterned baldness if that is an issue with you, but mainly family history. i would also like to know if he played bridge or sports (i got the combo) and there is that part about being an animal lover/allergies? cause we can't be having any of that. we're rooting for you, sarah-you can take that to the bank

no idea ... but here's the thing ... no partner (or donor) is going to be perfect. Life isn't perfect ... it's nice that you get to look at all the information available beforehand ... and get to make an educated decision ... my feeling is that if your current donor prospect has a good medical history (too much chin, or not) ... and you had a good gut feeling about him when you "met" him ... it's okay not to think, rethink and double-think it. XOXO

Ever thought of having your trusted friends pick for you? Or is that a bad sitcom waiting to happen?

My other thought was to find a great guy friend and see if he'll help you out (strictly in the laboratory setting), but I imagine that's an even worse sitcom in the making.

My tantrum equivalent is inappropriate spending. *hugs*

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