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Oh, I'm so sorry. When we had to put to sleep our Doberman, his young Whippet best friend grieved like your Moose. I think that was almost as hard for me to deal with as the actual loss. I know you are suffering.

What a lucky dog Chloe was to have had you to share her life with. I'm sure that with your love, she forgot her unhappy beginning.

My thoughts are with you.

I lost my kitty Spot last October after 24 years Andy heart breaks for everyone who loses a pet even more than before. My heart will be broken forever.

Her suffering is over; yours isn't. But it does get better with time.

What a great looking dog. She knows how much you loved her.

Crying over this post, just like I did over the last one.

When I had to let my Buddy go, my roommate's cats went through the house calling for him though they had not the five days he had been in the vet's office. Cuddle Moose and comfort each other. You are in my thoughts and prayers because I know the pain.

Thinking about you.

THAT is a great picture. Chloe was an awesome dog and I think she felt very loved. You did the right thing for her, even if it hurts. All best to you and Moose. We're thinking about you.

appreciate the update...you knew we were concerned about all of you. take your time and take care of yourself...february needs to come early.

I'm so sorry.

Rest in peace Chloe.

Sending you thoughts of peace and solace in this difficult time. She loved you. Know it. Trust it. I'm hugging my dog a little tighter tonight in her memory.


I'm so sorry. We've always had dogs in the family, I know what it's like to lose a beloved pet. Take good care of yourself.

I am so sorry to know of your loss. Chloe was lucky to share your home and your love, and I am sure she was glad to be part of your "pack". There will always be a little corner of your hear where she lives. We all send our love from here. Dana

Thinking of you.

Big huge hugs.

So sorry. Thinking of you here in NC, and snuggling my old dogs a little closer.

i didn't want to use someone's TOWEL to finish wiping this up but just fyi, in the usa today, life (purple) section there is an article by gail sheehy on pet loss. i am a fan of ms. sheehy's work re: menopause so you may not be familiar with her...she is older, like me and i am sometimes wise, like her but losing a precious pet levels out the playing field no matter who's using the tampax. on another note, george stephcanneverspellhisname on gma gave a remarkable fact: 1 out of 7 pet owners would choose their pet over their spouse. i would have thought 7 would be a little on the high side.
you have had one helluva week and a half...take care of yourself.

I just read the Chloe blog. I noticed the collar on the bed and wondered. I know how much you loved Chloe, Moose and Daisy. I will miss hearing Moose clopping about upstairs. I love you. AG

I'm so sorry, Sarah. We are thinking of you and missing you!

So behind in my reading. I'm so sorry about Chloe. Thinking of you and Moose.

Sarah, it's been a long while since I've commented here and a spell since I checked in the goings-on. I am so deeply, profoundly, heartbreakingly sad to learn about Chloe's passing. (One of my Labs has LP, diagnosed when she was 9, which was the blessing.) I said goodbye to my 15yo chocolate almost 2 years ago--I know the silence you and Moose are experiencing. I also slept with my girl's collar and drove many months with it around my stickshift. You'll glimpse her smiling at you in passing, around a corner, down the hall--and it will always be that sweet smile you'll see--until she knows you both are mending and the grief easing. Sending you so much love. Breathe easy, Chloe.

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