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:-) Here's praying for a calm, uneventful, and happy February! You deserve it!!

Hugs, Chris

February is going to rock. Are you using rosemary for the hedge?

I'm so grateful for you and your blog. Here's hoping that February brings lots of good things. You certainly are deserving! XXOO

i am really grateful for your blog. one of these days i'm going to put the reasons for this down in a coherent form and send them to you. just so you know what pa positive chain of events your writing has triggered for me. one of these days. thank you so much!

i was late to this rodeo and for the life of me cannot tell you how i ended up reading your blog-just lucky i guess. since this is a new year and a new chapter in your life i decided to read the archives. from the beginning. i confess i have not gotten to all the comments but i will. i see that you have drop-ins, regular visitors, and then the ones who are all in, rain or shine, no matter what. i wanted to be all in for you on this quest because this whole motherhood thing is really what it's cracked up to be and i was late to that rodeo too. and thank god for that because there are those of us who need to be the older parents. this is not a knock on your villagers here who are young parents-god bless 'em-it's just the way we roll. You have developed quite a village here and it does take one of those too so, i'm as vested as i can be with the help of the archives and you have lots of positive people who are crazy about you--how great is that?! (on a side note: amen to that rat bastard roman polanski rant). you have a wide range of ages and locations here in this village and i've got plenty of advice, which i will try to regulate,no matter what side of the street you're on but today the sky is blue and i see the sun and better days ahead.


JEEEZ! 200,000 hits is enormous!

Congrats on a fervent readership :)

Thanks for the love.


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