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I totally have one of those hooks on my closet.

They are adorable, but do you think that the damp towels will be more bunched up instead of spread out and therefore will not dry as well?

I always spread used towels as much as possible across the towel rack so they won't stay damp and get moldy.

Those are SO cute. I've never thought about using hooks in my bathroom at home though there were in my dorm bathroom. I'll have to remember to check them out someday when I actually redo my bath.

We're like you, SF, no racks, just hooks in the BR at the cottage. And I'll happily report we've got no mold issues and the towels dry just fine ... but maybe that's because the heater is below the hooks?

I do wonder whether climate/heating/ventilation issues affect the mold situation. Ours is a smallish NYC bathroom with no window and no fan. The plastic shower-curtain liner gets very gradual mold buildup, and I usually replace it at the end of the summer. Now that I am married and there are two of us using the bathroom, I notice that the mold builds up more quickly. For the towel situation, I am more concerned about residual dampness than about mold, since I wash the towels frequently. Sarah, in a year or so when you have had more experience with towels drying on hooks, please report back.

Yeesh! I never thought about mold! Although, now that I have, I'm not too worried about it. There's good ventilation in the bathroom, as well as a heater. Also, surface area-wise, there's probably as much towel exposed to air when when they're hanging over the hook as there is when I fold them over a rod. But I'll certainly get back to you, and let you know how it goes!

i'm add'd to the max today so forgive the numbers
1. i love, love, love the hooks-and kiddos, in their rare episodes of hanging up things will use a hook before they use a rack or bar. trust me on that.
2. again, i am crazy about the subway tile... a longtime personal favorite.
3. i spent 2 hours in an anthropology (virgin excursion) in miami beach and finally bought the knobs for cabinets that were built 4 years ago--i had looked for that long..but i knew when i saw them..great store.
4.don't worry about mold and don't use those dryer sheets on towels..screws up the terry..won't absorb over the long haul. my sister's towels are damn near slick. she won't listen.
5. please more pictures-when you feel like it.

I never use dryer sheets. You hear you shouldn't use them, so it is interesting that you, jerie, have experience in why you should not.
Also, looped terrycloth towels are way better than the kind with one sheared side. The loops are what absorb.
A while back they made towels where the loops were 100% cotton and the fabric part was some small amount of polyester. They didn't dry at all. I got into a fight about this with a college classmate whose father was a bigwig at one of the fabric mills that made towels. Now, towels are rarely made from anything but 100% cotton.
As is obvious, I am very into the subject of towels! Sarah, I encourage you to post further pictures of towels in your new bathroom, to accompany your new alertness to the usage of hooks vs racks.

quickly posting before SOTUM-i must confess to using dryer sheets...but only a 16th of one and only in the winter and only on lingerie, knits & leggings due to an unfortunate experience with the greatest top, leggings and leather seats. i slid out of the car-sparks nearly flew-and when i got out, i looked liked i was wrapped in saran.
but i digress...would love to know actuary's brand of towels...i've mentioned i was partial to the marcus collection from neiman's (pink sale catalog) for everyday bath towels...they wear well, but y'all are in bigger cities w/like real stores so open for other suggestion & i would damn sure pay attention to an actuary's advice!

on the assumption that i am using this as my own personal blog, i hesitated posting one last thing but it was just too karma-ish. this catalog was in my stack of mail today: http://www.horchow.com/ and the towels i mentioned earlier are on page 11. i'm gone. i promise.

I covet those subway tiles.

Well, people have their own preferences, so I would say if you are happy with your towels, that is all you need. I actually prefer the feel of towels that are a bit rough/scrubby over super- super-soft towels. It's analogous to my preference for woven sheets over sateen sheets. A lot of people like the latter, but they have an edge of slippery/slidiness that is not my favorite. A good test, if you're not sure about a towel, is to get one washcloth or hand towel, and if you like it, to get more of the set.

We once had one of those, but I gave it to my sister. You did a great job on your new bathroom, but may I see more of it? I'm also planning to remodel our bathroom this spring, and I'm thinking if I can get some design ideas from you. ;]

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