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Have you read "The Joy Diet" by Martha Beck? I have it on audiobook, and I've listened to it over and over. She describes steps for how to find more joy in your life.

As for what gives me joy -- gardening, writing, my blog, my friends, cooking, reading, watching TV, going on walks, talking to people, drawing and painting and looking at art

Traveling, reading, shopping, my cat, & vampires :)

Hockey, hockey, hockey. My joy. LOL I was watching the game last night too.....from Kansas. :-(

I did notice that your boy Daniel was in the "sin bin" twice. Once for slashing and once for hooking. tsk tsk tsk -Shame on him!! It was a good game although I HATE it when we are tied in the 3rd....always that chance to going in to overtime which inevitably leads to a shootout...which is REALLY a nailbiter.

Other joys. Springtime, reading, good movies, anything funny, my grandchildren. Oh yeah, naps. Naps bring me lots of joy.


200 yrs. ago when i was in Miss Harper's 4th grade class we were forced to join the junior audubon society. miss harper defined old maid school teacher, bun and all. she told me i talked too much and was not good at following directions. whatevs. we received several bird packets throughout the year (yawn) & had to make a 'bird book'. pictures, reports, drawings all mounted using the corners of old envelopes. kill me now.
in 1992 we built a house w/lots of pine trees (the gates was filmed in our subdiv.) and i hung a bird feeder up mainly to entertain my boys. recently i discovered 'the wild bird center'. omg. i now have bird feeders, birdhouses, suet & live mealworms to feed the bluebirds, the gorgeous bluebirds who have come back twice to their birdhouse. i have the regulars and the drop-ins (indigo buntings) (rose-breasted grosbeak). it is a simple pleasure that gives me great joy. that, plus a really good cup of coffee makes my morning & in the late afternoon they all return for dinner and that, plus a glass of really good single malt scotch is the perfect ending to a day.
p.s. our local hockey team, the mudbugs, wore pink jerseys last night and i saw on the news that the ice was pink as well. i don't know if you've heard the term rednecks but that's pretty much describes our local fans & they are hellraisers for sure. once a year they have 'bring your dog night'...that is a reality show waiting for a sponsor. y'all come!

You are still in Vancouver? Have you visited Deep Cove and gone for dinner at Vij's? Enjoy!

reading in bed, my husband, my son, my cat, my mom, music I like, little kids!!!!!

It really is genuine that do not determine what we now have got until we reduce it, however , it's also true that and we don't determine what we now have been lacking until eventually it comes.

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