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looks like february is definitely keeping up the good work! (btw: i think it's less stressful in the long run to have a stressful job that is fun than a non-stressful one that reduces you to tears. and i say that as someone whose fun job is ridiculously poorly paid. does this make any sense? :-)) so happy for you!!!

I'm right there with you on Chicago Code. Loved it, but I seem to always have that same reaction when Shawn Ryan does something. LOL I have Traffic Light on the DVR to watch still.
Looking forward to The Secret Circle..I like witches more than vampires. haha

I hope your stress-management class helps. They should make a class like that mandatory for high-schoolers. I bet we'd have a far more relaxed and in-control society if we did.

So exciting! I have traffic light on DVR. Can't wait to watch. Tuesday night is my Glee and Parenthood night so I'll have to watch TL on Wednesdays after modern family. boy do I sound like a tv junkie!

Congrats to you and Liz. I hope all goes well. Love AG

cue the APPLAUSE sign. and again. and again. mazel tov! been a fan of SR a while...it's a small world after all.

CONGRATS!!!!! And have fun!

Congratulations on the go ahead for the pilot! Not only am I really pleased for you, but I look forward to watching it. I love TVD and always get a buzz when I see yours and WP's name in the credits. Just hope we in Australia get to see The Secret Circle and the other shows you mentioned. It's not always the case!

More power to you for taking a course to help manage stress. Too many people just try keep it all inside which is unhealthy. Nice effort!

I'm excited for the Secret Circle, congrats! Looks like your year is really picking up already and it's only mid-February. Can't wait to see what the future holds. Best wishes!

Sarah - Congrats on Secret Circle. Are you and "WP" now the go to EPs for supernatural dramas?

I completely agree, Chicago Code was excellent. Best police drama I have seen in years. We missed Traffic Light but will try to catch it next week.

Ooooh, Secret Circle sounds GOOD! Congratulations! I can't wait to see the pilot! And I can't believe I missed Chicago Code, the previews looked great, and I meant to DVR it. I'll make sure I catch next week's episode.

Super excited for The Secret Circle. I love TVD and cannot even imagine what we are in store for now. Congratulations! It looks like you're off to a great year.

Congrats, Sarah! That's awesome news. Best of luck with the new show and I have to say, Traffic Light was pretty awesome.

Congratulations! I can't wait to see the great show you'll do with L.J.Smith's story. Very happy for you.

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