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I'm from there but I haven't lived there for a long time now.
If it's not raining, walk all the way around the sea wall.
Eat in Chinatown.
Stay in a B and B in Kitsilano area.

Go to a Canucks hockey game! Oh, you can't do that because they're on the road. Hit up the Canucks Store. lol

I've lived in Vancouver all my life, and I have to say that it IS fantastic here.
Go downtown - the one-year Olympic celebration is on.
The Vancouver Aquarium is always nice.
Cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge! I did that when I was five, and I still remember it.
I agree with Filicophyta. The walk along the Stanley Park seawall is absolutely breathtaking - when it's not raining.

I love the Banana Leaf for Malaysian food, Vij's for Indian and Naam for vegetarian. Cafe Artigiano has great coffee.

Granville Island, though congested, is worth visit - so much to see and they have great fish and chips at Go Fish :)

I hope the weather is good for you!

Vancouver -- yes!

Unfortunately, they just closed down my favorite sushi place ever on Robson.

Walk up and down Robson.

Eat at The Fish House in Stanley Park. Make someone from the show take you.

Eat as much fish as possible.

Walk around the Stanley Park sea wall.

Pick up a ferry/watertaxi to Granville Island... there's a great farmer's market and lots of restaurants and arty stuff.

The science museum is fun, but even if you don't go inside, on the outside they have this great automated Rube Goldberg-contraption with balls that move all around a huge cube.

If at all possible, have someone take you to Deep Cove in North Vancouver and get a homemade buttermilk donut from this little shop in the "main drag" (like, half a block long) that sells them. You will never eat anything better, and the view is breathtaking.

So much more....

I third (fourth?) the recommendation for the Stanley Park sea wall! And if you like this sort of thing, the aquarium is cool - they have lots of cold water creatures that are fun to see.

I love Vancouver - the people are so friendly, and it's such a great town, you'll have fun no matter where you go!

I live there!

Its going to be a pretty nice weekend - so a walk on the seawall/stanley park is definitely in order. Granville island is also always a great bet. You can walk along the seawall to the aquatic centre in false creek and take the little boat to granville island.

Not sure what you like - but no one has mentioned a stroll/shopping on the "Drive" (Commercial Drive area) or shopping on Main (b/t broadway and king edward mainly). China town is also fantastic.

There are incredible restaurants everywhere, so hard to recommend without knowing where you are staying.

There is also lots of local skiing, hiking, etc. stuff to do to.

I love it here. Hope you enjoy your visit!

Wow. I really hope that's a pic of Vancouver since I'll be following you there eventually. Looks gorgeous!

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