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I work hard on being in the moment, too. I'm not sure why it's so difficult to just focus on the "now," but it is. Anyway, I read about a trick recently--where every time you walk through a doorway, you use that as a cue to focus yourself on the moment. I've been trying it out, and I think it's helped a little. Although sometimes I feel like I need to post big signs on the doorways at home and work that say "MOMENT" so I'll remember. Hah, it's obviously a work in progress. Hope Vancouver is relaxing for you!

I love TJ's idea of posting "MOMENT" signs. Even one on my bathroom mirror would probably help remind me...

Good reminder to be here now, thank-you. Glad you had a good day of that sort of feeling and the recognition that "all is well." Love the picture. . .

If you're bored this evening the Vancouver Canucks are playing the Dallas Stars at Rogers Arena.

Im going!!!


Where r u going? Not to a hockey game. LOL

At a Canucks game right now. Go Canucks!!!


NO FAIR! This is not my week! Thurs. my daughter drove 2 hours to Nashville to see them play(she was in the 2nd row!) and now you see them IN Vancouver. I'm their biggest fan and have never seen them. LOL

Well, I did at least watch the game. I hope you had a good time. I don't really watch sports but 2 years ago watched a hockey game and fell in love. I even researched the teams on my own and chose the Canucks to follow!

One of these days we'll have to drive to Dallas or StLouis to see them. I'm so jealous! hehe.


out of town for a family wedding..husband's 1st cousin's son..in baton rouge so my chicks in attendance. i attended the cousin's wedding & her niece was the flower girl. 29 years later this flower girl is the rabbi officiating at the wedding. with remaining family around and my kids close and all the good and bad things that all our combined families have endured and celebrated...it is a joyous moment when the groom first sees his bride and things are perfect right there, right then. but alas, soon all the guys at our table are bitching they are missing the nba all star game because someone forgot to dvr - so things returned to normal and that was oddly comforting.

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