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Greenery... haven't seen that in a while! Thanks for the pics. :-)

Isn't Canada beautiful - Oh,the green mossy trees - you feel like you are in a different place never seen before. Love them!

well, when their anthem says, ... 'land glorious and free'...they're not just whistling dixie. your pictures are kinda amazing.


Can you take good sized images of this stuff so we can blow them up and frame?


Those photos are beautiful! Being a native of the concrete jungle called "Los Angeles", I didn't think places like that actually existed!

Oooh so beautiful... Very Lord Of The Rings!

I'm proud to call myself a Vancouverite.

Wow! Those pictures are amazing!!!

Oh, wow, that moss IS magical. Bet it smelled fresh and earthy, too. I have forest envy right now.

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