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Quite right too! And a sound message for all other TCGs out there (tall creepy guys)! Oh and I completely agree about the word 'Pal'. Yes.

ewwww ewwww ewwww You should text him and lie. Tell him you're seeing someone, sorry but could he "quit with the texting and calls....Thanks PAL!"


I agree with Chris... if he doesn't get the message through your silence then it's time for the "seeing someone" line OR just be blunt and say "hey PAL, lose my number!!" ewwww

What a bummer. But he sounds like an unreliable weirdo and I'm glad you found that out sooner than later.

(or, you know, he's a time traveler. Totally explains EVERYTHING.)

i never liked the fact that he came up behind you and i'm mad at myself for going along with the 'only in the movies moment' and all the expectations that go along with those moments and now you have said twice that he followed you down the block...i think it felt odd to you but hey, ya never know...but now you do know. IGNORE THIS GUY. DO NOT RESPOND and if he appears out of nowhere then lie, then put some distance between you. i mean, WTF, seriously...what grown-up man does not respond to texts...i mean how hard is that??? the only man i know who would act like that is a man with a wife. think about it. be proud and grateful you never responded after the one time...you listened to your inner voice..works every time.
p.s. beauty shop talk yesterday centered around a certain tv show and everyone was yakking about somebody's bad brother..it was a steel magnolia moment inside a steel magnolia moment. i was clueless but tuned in...

I agree you should let him know you're not at all interested now...in no uncertain terms. Radio silence is apparently too subtle for this dude.

You might try, for example:



Yes, creepy. Send a final "No, thanks" or "F-off" text. I'm for being direct. If he doesn't get it and tries to contact you again, block his number.

Can you block him? I don't have a cell so I don't know, but blocking creeps from emailing me, instant messaging me or following me on twitter is usually pretty effective. And satisfying.

Also friend is a good word. Maybe not as good as pal. The line "I'm not your friend, friend" is one of my favorites.

This is an area I have had experience with and I agree with Jerie, don't respond. Ignore him. He's a potential stalker. Don't engage in dialogue as it will only encourage him. Good luck, hopefully he will lose interest if he gets nothing back.

I am sorry he turned out creepy. All considered, he does not sound stable. Texting someone you don't know at 1am? Clearly inappropriate. I think your don't respond approach is a good one and block if possible.

"Who the f--- are you and why do you keep calling and texting my wife?"

C'mon. Channel your inner Vic Mackey.

I wanted to post something as I read your post and everyone's comments but seeing what Heather wrote made me laugh so hard and I have the flu. There is nothing else to say on that point. (inner Vic Mackey--love it). however, I do TRY to live by the rule "Listen to your gut because when i don't I get f$#@ed." It's a rough quote but still true. Go with your gut. Stay away from him. As for the rest, good luck.

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