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Awesome. just. awesome.

Beautiful pictures! I've been as far as Seattle, but really hope to make it to Vancouver some day. Looks like a lovely place! Thanks for sharing!

you have a very good eye...but what about the food? here in la. we're all about the food...and from your pictures seafood is probably high on the list...but what's your fav? don't forget the desserts. enjoy.

I've informed my husband that if he can find a job in VanCan I will have the house packed and ready within a week. Becomes more tempting by the day. Great city.

Hey Sarah!

It's Ruthie here from @secretcirclefan and @tvdfansonline on Twitter! I posted one of your photos on my Secret Circle fansite, but linked to the rest of them on your post. Hope that's ok. :) So freakin' excited for this show! Good luck scouting and crossing fingers you guys get picked up!

i'm sure you need us to come and help make sure things are safe and healthy for the crew, etc. It is Canada and you know all about their horrible health care system (:-))


Do you do something to make the colors pop in those photos? Especially the first one -- the blues of the garbage cans are just so BLUE. It's really pretty and I am photography-ignorant. Really pretty.

Two quick things. One, I'm (intentionally) not giving away any actual Secret Circle locations here. And two, they're just regular old iPhone pictures. Amazing, right?

Oh wow, definitely amazing for an iPhone. Right, wouldn't expect you to give away locations, added a note on the site. :)

um no Dr Steve you can't go. Unless I get to go too.

Funny... the last few days, every once in a while I'll catch Mark looking at me with an odd, knowing smile on his face and when I ask him what's up, he says, "Sarah's never coming home." He knew you'd love it.

Gorgeous photos! I'm surprised there's no snow at this time of year...

So pretty and calming. FYI, just saw Maria featured on Leno. LMAO

I read the books growing up so excited can't wait to see location, Good Luck

@Sarah Fain ... I Was on the set today... and YES it WAS at this EXACT location.....

#BB - Single Mom 2 - It barely snows in Vancouver :) It's nice all year round

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