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Congrats on finding something new and fun to get into!

One of us! One of us! One of us!

YES YES YES!!!!! This is exactly what happened to me. I don't watch sports but they are ALWAYS on at my house. My husband is a huge Dallas Cowboy fan, Texas Ranger fan etc etc.

No sport has ever interested me until I saw hockey. I actually saw a local team play live (ok from the nosebleed section) and fell in love.

This season is my 2nd full season to be a Canucks fan and I'm loving them. I've learned the rules, the players etc. Hubby even bought me "Center Ice" so I can watch every single hockey game through our cable network. I actually check NHL.com every day to look at the standings and I know what team is in what division etc etc. It's UNREAL!

I have two favorite players. 14 Alex Burrows and 21 Mason Raymond. Raymond looks like he's about 12 yrs old but he's fast and a go-getter.

I LOVE that you aren't going to be a Kings fan! LOL


ahhhh, welcome to the wonderful world of sports...feel free to use sports metaphors at will, scratch whatever itches wherever that itch is, purchase mugs and jerseys and brush up on salty language.
p.s. hockey news readily found on espn.com

As a long time reader and HUGE Canucks fan, I think this is fantastic!! And you definitely picked a good year to be a fan... we're kicking butt right now!!! You just wait for the play-offs - you'll love it!!

I played ice hockey for 6 years when I was a kid and I LOVE going to games now! I was a huge Kings fan as a kid (born & raised in LA) - one of the Kings' player's sons was on my team (that's a big deal for a 12 year old). Anyhow, now I live in a city that doesn't have an NHL team, but we do have a WHL team and now I'm a huge fan of theirs - Go Hawks!!! I just went to their game last night w/ my mom & it rocked. :)

They say that being a sports fan is good for your mental health, because it gives you something to rally around, makes you part of a group, etc.

When I've been forced to watch a live game, however, I have never not been bored out of my skull. I wish I liked it as much as some people seem to.

Aaaaawwww! It was a "Sedinare" who made you a hockey fan! My Swedish hockey heart swells with pride! *single tear*

I get it. I hate all sports except hockey. I even had season tickets when I was in college. I think it's because the game is moving constantly...no boring time-outs.

You must be Canadian at heart ;0)

Both of the Sedins are amazing as are all the Canucks.

They may go all the way this year.

Long-time reader... first comment! This season, I too fell head-over-heels with hockey, and in particular, my local Washington Capitals. One game in the nosebleeds in October has become attendance at nearly every home game in a Caps jersey cheering like crazy for my boys!

A tip: many teams hold open practices, free to the public. So check online to see if you can see your Canucks practice (the day before) when they come to L.A. It's fantastic to see the players skate and shoot close up.

Enjoy and hopefully our teams will meet in the Stanley Cup finals! :)

Ah ha! Welcome to the hockey club. lol Our local team is doing dismally but I'm happy that the Canucks are doing so well.

The blue line thingy is offside. There used to be a no 2-line pass rule as well. Just wait until you see your first game misconduct, much rarer in the NHL than in junior hockey but always a shocker when that happens.

A good scrum is always fun to watch! (google hockey lingo) ;-)

At the local game here that I went to the helmets and gloves go FLYING into the air just before they start punching. I don't know why it's so funny but it's sort of overdramatic. I LOVE IT! heh

It's funny you have so many followers who love hockey. hehe Is it just something we women don't admit to? ;-)

I feel exactly the same way about sports generally, and about hockey specifically.

Some other things you might like to know:
(1) The Sedins are not alone -- there are lots of adorable, talented Swedes in the NHL. See, e.g., Nicholas Backstrom (Washington Capitals).

(2) Ryan Kesler (also a Canuck) is a terrific American player -- was great at the Olympics in 2010.

(3) There are lots of fun hockey blogs -- I think hockey's status as a minor sport in the U.S. inspires people (although that doesn't explain the second site). Here are two for your amusement: http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/blog/puck_daddy

RED WINGS!! RED WINGS!! RED WINGS!! Sure, they're sorta the team where old guys come to play, but seriously. Hockey rules.

And those boys are tall and hunky...

Have a gander at two of my future ex-husbands: Sergei Fedorov (now with the Caps), and Henrik Zetterberg (#40 on the Wings)

Turns out IKEA isn't the only amazing thing that Sweden has turned out.

Hee. You have been told since then that Daniel Sedin has a twin brother who also plays for the Canucks, right?


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