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LOL thanks for the pic!!! SO jealous of the jersey! I hope to get one soon.

I was thinking my chance to be at a real game this year was gone but the Dallas Stars are still in contention for a playoff spot. Dallas I can do. I'm from there. My parents are still there.

I love that you have had the same odd reaction to hockey that I have. And with the right team of course. LOL My family is still baffled with me about this. I've always been the one to tease people who yell at the television during a sporting event. "They can't hear you, you know?!" LOL at myself the first time I did it during a Canucks game. I think we are going to feel the loss of Malhotra for the rest of the season & playoffs though. He was known for his wonderful face-offs. Hope his eye heals.

So, I'm glad you are home and I bet the doggies are too. It's sort of nice that you didn't have to stay as long as you thought.

Take care! Go Canucks! ;-)

bummer for your house-sitter that she doesn't get to continue the hang in your gorgeous remodel ;)

oh, hockey is great! fast paced, exciting ... heck, even bad hockey is still fun to watch. glad to hear you're rooting for L.A. kings, as a slovenian, i almost "have to", too, even though anže kopitar is from a town rival to mine... see? sports fandom, road to perdition ;-))

welcome home. please send rain.

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