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We have Apple TV. We have Apple Everything. LOL

My fave thing about the Apple TV is being able to listen to my iTunes through the nice sound system we have hooked up to our main TV.

This is like, beyond my comprehension. Sounds awesome!

apple tv was on our kid's hanukkah list and they share an apt. so that was an easy request to grant. they brought it home one weekend (it travels!) and we were the 4 couch potatoes. seriously, we ate more meals in the den than in the dining room-a real pajama weekend. when they went back to school i don't know what i missed the most...the kids or their 'stuff'. technology is fascinating. i'm hooked. on a recent trip to nyc i spent more time in the apple store than in bergdorf's during the big shoe sale. i confess to owning an apple for dummies type of book but the one i really need is the apple for dummies dummies book. you're right about netflix though...ahhhhh, should be called netfix.

And the remote control is sleek and sexy.

When you find the world peace button please let me now, I'm very interested.

how do I get invited to these parties...

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