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Hey Sarah, one tip on the tea that's making you nauseous...is it green tea? If so, try not to drink it on an empty stomach, as it's known to cause about 5 minutes of nausea for some people if drank without food (me included). Same with some other herbal supplements as well. On the supplement front, I have tons that I'm taking too. The one I found that worked really well for me as far as balancing my hormones and regulating my cycles is Licorice root and Saw Palmetto. You're doing great--go get 'em!

Is it bad that I glanced at the picture, zoned in on the top left corner and thought "What's she reading???".

Your oatmeal does look D-lish though. ;-)

thought the same thing, chris...my guess is jean harlow but that's where my mind goes.... sf, i think your breakfast looks very healthy and filling. my family are oatmeal lovers from way back but, and i guess this has to do with where we were raised. in the south though we like our oatmeal creamier. i add almond milk. my mother-in-law was the primo oatmeal cooker...she made it, then kept it warm in a double-boiler. needless to say, there was a bit of culture shock when i cooked it as a newlywed.
honeybeehappy-licorice? i accidently bit down on a licorice jellybean (thought it was grape)...do you remember the scene w/tom hanks in 'big?' that was me. hairball. i bow to you.
all the best to you, your hormones and fertility gods everywhere.

it's funny, but it looks a LOT like my post-baby breakfasts for the past two years (replace tonic with apple juice spiked with fish oil, which also makes me nauseous).
wishing you peace, love and light ... and a lot of "YES!"

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