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this is the best.

You're so LA!

Did she know any of this stuff beforehand (i.e. Chloe passing away, your dad's heart, etc.)? If not, then I'd be impressed.


That's great! I've always wanted to have someone come in and talk to my cats. I'm really curious what they hve to say!

Um... aren't dogs color blind? Or is that an old wives' tale...?

if i were you, i'd keep the iphones out of reach. no one likes a tattletale. green always a good choice. compliments his hair. i'd keep the hooch away from daisy. just sayin.

I LOVE this!!! How cool and amazing!!!

I love it!

nah dogs aren't colorblind, but I think they do see colors a little differently than we do. My old dog could spot my green honda civic a mile away down the road, and get excited but never paid any attention to the red honda civic that lived on our street. She also could tell the difference between the neighbor's silver vw bug (the neighbor would stop and give her treats) and any other colored bug that drove by.

I have always believed that we don't give our animals nearly enough credit. They are smart and wise creatures.

I'm not sure i go for the whole animal communicator bit (and why do they ALWAYS tell you your pet has a favorite color) but I have to relate my own experience. I ride horses and one time while i was at a show, the barn I was with had a communicator come in. They asked me if I wanted her to *talk* to my two horses and I told them I didn't because I wasn't really having any problems. the communicator asked which one's were mine and I pointed them out. She looked over at them where they were hanging their heads out of their stalls just watching the world go by, did the unfocused gaze thing for a moment, and told me they were two of the happiest critters she's ever seen.

It made me want to believe she knew whereof she spoke. LOL!

I adore this post. You are lucky to have such great pets, and now a way to communicate. I hope to meet moose someday.!


It was great to work with your beautiful babies. Thank you for sharing them with me. And no I have never Sara, we did this session with me there in person with her doggies and Sara was over the phone :)
You can contact me directly at:
818 317-0487
or visit http://www.thesweetwaterranch.com

Candi Cane Cooper
Animal Communicator / CEO The Sweet Water Ranch Inc.

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