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I never let LOs touch my iPhone. LOL I'm too obsessed with having it with me all the time. I'm always afraid someone(parents, kids, grandkids) will need me desperately and won't be able to contact me. It's a sickness. ;-)

Also, I'm pretty sure if I ever lost my phone with my calendar on it I would be sitting in a puddle sucking my thumb somewhere.

:-) Blessings.

I see our Canadian language is rubbing off on you a little eh?
How you're have a blast!

1. thanks for the HT re: yogini's blog. 2. prior to 4G my kids could tell me they were all tucked in at their dorm when they were really in the french quarter. me: 'is that water running?' them: 'just rinsing out some coffee cups in the sink.' fact: fountain in the courtyard of god knows where in NOLA. Facetime has put a crimp in their style on school nights and i'm sleeping better. my mother keeps her cell phone (on LOCKED) in the console of her car when she drives. phones are attached to my kid's hands and i usually have to call mine from land line at least twice a week to find it.

what are you eating and cooking up there?

Hey Lady! Thanks for the link ... you are the best ... and if you need a LO to lose your iPhones, we can come for a visit. :)

I loved shooting in Vancouver. Amazing amazing. And you're there at such a good time of year ... days aren't too long yet, but the later setting sun makes the days sooo productive. Have fun!

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