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Please please please post pictures of the Canucks blanket when it's done!!

I'm jealous of your knitting mojo! I've lost mine a bit myself, but I'm hoping to change that with a visit to my favorite LYS (local yarn store) in Arizona. There is nothing like the feeling of a yarn store! Good luck with 3 blankets in 3 months! Hope you post pics when they are done. :)

I know it's difficult when everyone around you is pregnant and you're not. Way to be a great person and celebrate your friends' babies while still hoping for your own :) I wish I had a skill/hobby like knitting. I settle for making my girl friends a bracelet with their child's name on it.

I am a counselor and do mental health counseling at a local college. One thing my boss always does to help her own mental health after a tough day or even on her lunch break-she goes to our local yarn store. She often talks about that visceral feeling of the textures of the yarns and spending time there manages her own "stuff" and is part of her own personal care. Glad to hear it helps you too.

I took up knitting a few years ago. I'm not very good at it, but it's quite a sense of accomplishment when I actually finish something. I've made neck scarves and a few small blankets, nothing too adventurous. My friend in Liverpool wears his scarf ever winter, all winter, and says it's the best he's ever had - nice & warm (not to mention it was made with love)!

my sister soaked up every knit/purl/sew gene in the pool, leaving me with the i.t.u.s. gene. need a theme? need a centerpiece? need an idea? viola'!
so, i have always been on the receiving end of these treasures. quilts, blankets, sweaters, caps. my boys carried around their 'yankets' until, my hand to god, they were old enough to go to camp. those gifts you are making will follow those babies for a very long time, go on vacations, car trips, but best of all...go nite-nite and be dreamed on. sometimes other stuff gets on them so make sure they're washable. a part of you will stay with them forever. i know from where i speak. in parting i have this to offer:
karma happens
what goes around, comes around

I hope I can find time to get back to knitting sometime. I think my "current" project (still in the gauge swatch stage) was intended for a baby who will be six in October....

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