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Oh, those sound yummy! I might actually try to make those...I hate cooking though. LOVE Thai food......mmmmmmmmmmm

I wish my family were bigger veggie eaters. I'm happy with a plate of steamed veggies any time.

I am actually thinking of trying to start a small veg. garden in my back yard.

You had me at "GLAZE." I just happen to have some of those bad boys in the fridge... yum!!!

The Woman's Exchange would most certainly approve.

Yum!! Sounds tasty. Can't wait to try.


I don't find it very often, but I love to buy brussel sprout stalks instead of individual sprouts. My family likes them cooked, but I prefer them raw. Chopped up in a salad with some homemade blue cheese dressing (Atkins blue cheese!) and WOW it's yummy! You have to use Boars Head crumbled blue cheese (I've tried other blue cheeses and they're not neary as good as Boars Head). I'll share the recipe if anyone's interested. Super easy to make -- no tools necessary other than a measuring cup and a wisk, but a pierced spoon would work just as well. You could use a blender or a hand mixer, but I like the "hand made" feel/taste of it. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

My fiance loves to cook and he's changed my mind about so many foods, including brussels sprouts. It's amazing how something becomes delicious when it's cooked right!

Yum I'll have to try it this weekens.

I used to not like brussel sprouts either but then a friend (who doesn't cook but talks me into cooking for her) found this recipe...
2 T lemon juice, 2 T olive oil, 2 T honey - whisk
1 package brussel sprouts cut in half, 2 pears diced. Mix sprouts and pera in a pyrex dish, pour mixture over and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Yummy!

I actually do like brussels sprouts. Unfortunately, no one else in my house feels the same way.

But in the spirit of singing the unloved vegetable, I must tell you all that I recently fell in love with kale. Yes, kale. Seriously, like a month ago I didn't know what kale looked like, then -- in an effort to be organic and healthy -- I signed up for one of those CSAs that delivers to your house. Luckily, my sister was in town when I pulled a big head (bunch? pile?) of kale out of the box, and she taught me how to cook it, which is like this:

Rough chop the kale. You can take out the thickest part of the stalks. Drizzle it around with olive oil and then sprinkle with salt (I prefer sea salt) and pepper. Throw it in a casserole dish or a cookie sheet and bake it at a high temperature -- I think I put it in at 425 or so -- for maybe 15 or 20 minutes. It gets all crispy and you can eat it like chips. Really healthy chips.


(oh, and I'm going to have to try those brussels sprouts recipes, Sarah and Bethany -- thanks!)

Or simply toss the brussels sprouts in enough olive oil to lightly coat, sprinkle with salt and freshly ground pepper, and roast them on a cookie sheet in a 400 degree oven for about 20 mins. People who have always hated brussels sprouts (yes, kids, too) LOVE them cooked this way.

Deborah in Benicia, CA.

I bake kale that way too, and I love it (esp with a little garlic powder too)! Especially since I crave salty crispy snacks at night.

Recently I tried a killer brussels sprout recipe that I SWEAR made my 4 yr old cry when she ran out of them-

Cut brussels sprouts in half, boil 2 mins, drain. Heat a layer of olive oil in a pan on pretty high and when the oil ripples toss in those brussels sprouts and some crushed garlic cloves and don't touch for 1 min. Put heat to medium, toss in some salt and crushed red pepper, and cook for 4 more minutes. Caramelized goodness!

Hmmmm. I don't know. I'm suspicious of all brussels sprouts...

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