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I'm impressed and inspired. Action, it is.

"Make the more active choice."

Gotta love your memorable commenters!

Count me in as inspired too!

Sounds to me like you are showing faith through action! "Keep on swimming"

one of the five sutras of the Aquarian Age ... "when the time is upon you, start, the pressure will be off."

it's the only real choice we have.

reminder: you are amazing.

I'm among those inspired and impressed!! It's only a matter of time until baby will be here!

Fake it til you make it is actually a powerful coping strategy. I'm proud of your ability to keep moving forward and embrace action instead of pouring yourself into icecream and hiding in your bed. Hang in there, good job! Prayers and happy thoughts being sent your way.

YOU ARE TAKING ACTION and your action will produce results- it's only a matter of time!The tea, exercise, meditation, acupuncture are all gathering up momentum-plus a good dash of patience and greasy mexican food will help facilitate matters!
Reminder: you are in good company,
and you are inspiring.

Mexican food is the key to a good antral follicle count. I'm absolutely certain of it.

you are you own best cheerleader and we are just the pep squad so. i'm sticking with YAH for the F-A-Y project. i think it's a brilliant plan. action is a positive. you're on the right track. onward. cue the pom poms.

It'll happen when the time is right. Could be your child isn't quite ready to come to Earth. Be patient!

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