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Keep the faith girl. It sounds to me like your doctor wants you to have the best chance you can have. That's a great thing. Honestly I would think that most doctor's might have the "let's try it anyway" attitude. I think this saves you $ and even bigger disappointment if it didn't work.

I think your doctor is readying you for a huge success. I don't think every word attached to your ring will work each and every month. Some may not be wise. I say focus on the word Faith this month and all 3 words next month.

This is going to happen. Think on that!

Blessings! I'm praying for you to think positively!

I second Chris's encouragement! IT's going to happen. I just know it! Not sure when but I fully expect to jump from my chair and yell hurrah when I hear the good news from you!! Until then, lots of faith!

I third the encouragement- IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!! FAITH, YES and ACTION-- weren't those the three little words you used? Your doctor is being WISE and giving you sage advice.Don't use up your energy worrying about this cycle. It will happen. PATIENCE could be another word on your ring- but FAITH is the most important. Thinking of you and sending blessings and encouragement!
ps-do you have an acupuncturist you would recommend for going thru IVF in LA? thank you.

it's not just that she's 'nice' to have faith in you...it's GREAT that she has faith in you and has saved you from an even bigger disappointment because of that faith. sketchy internet service can really wear on a person's nerves. you and the pooches need some hooch. make it a stiff one since we could all use one of those right about now. and, follicles, WTF? grow already. sarah is way doing her share here so just do it.
also sending buckets of faith so keep twirling the ring. you can do this..whatever it takes...you can do this.

Okay... from someone with 6 IUI's and 2 IVF's under my belt... can you ask her to convert you to an IUI? I don't think the cycle should be thrown 100%. While 4 follies is not great for IVF, it IS FABULOUS for IUI!!! Don't let those follies go to waste...

Just my personal opinion (at the personal stage of insisting every cycle is a 'chance')...

I don't want to criticize your doctor but four follies sounds good to me! I have only ever had IVF in Europe and my doctor was keen not to stimulate too much - in fact I ended up with five eggs and they all fertilised and two became my son and daughter. I'm not sure why more is considered necessarily better...

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