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The Killing is great. Combined with Game of Thrones, Upstairs Downstairs, and Human Planet Sunday is suddenly a very busy tv night.

FNL hit DVD the week before last, so your marathon can begin! I burned through it in a weekend, and unsurprisingly, you are in for a real treat. Clear eyes, full hearts, lady. Sending good thoughts.

Based on what you enjoy, you might like what we're seeing over here. It's a four-part BBC series based on a book I read a while back and held onto because I found the author's style of writing intriguing.

The BBC turned into it a visual feast and while my American eyes don't recognize all of the actors, I can easily spot Gillian Anderson, who does a marvelous job as one of the darker characters.

It's called the 'Crimson Petal and the White.' You can see it on iPlayer on the BBC and both of the first two parts are available now.

I was an ardent Twin Peaks fan the first time around even though I came a bit late to the party (missed some of the early episodes) I may go back to the beginning and start over myself.

Idris Elba - yummy.

Love The Killing! Also watching FNL, The Good Wife, Vampire Diaries, Glee and Parenthood.

I'm watching a dvd of a BBC drama - Zen. It's a series about the fictional detective Aurelio Zen - it's set in Italy (where I live) but it's a bit strange to hear all these "Italians" speaking English with Brit accents - very good nevertheless.

You will love FNL. I have DirectTV so I have seen the whole season. Of course, there are things that will irk you here and there but overall it's a great season. I DVRed the final episode and can't delete. It was by far one of the best shows ever. Also, I love the Killing too. Sometimes, we all need some down time with our tv shows and a mini mental vacation. enjoy!

Finished Battlestar Galactica recently. It was one of those that I kept hearing about over and over and over and FINALLY checked it out. Was immediately addicted. Brilliantly epic storytelling. I loveloveloved it.

FNL is the next series we are going to dive into.

Oh, and my guilty pleasure is Being Human on Syfy.

i love tv. just plain love it. i watch all the blood/guts/lawyer/cop/investigating/figure it out/clever/news/sports/and ina on food & several usanetwork things...like split seasons- my new favorites are chicago code & justified and old fave is ncis. also mix in pbs. we quit hbo when kiddos were caught watching 'real sex' and never re-upped..now they're at college w/laptops (portable porn) and i know there are some really great shows on hbo but frankly, my dance card is way full. don't watch any hospital shows or reality shows (who the hell is betheny?) ...now, back to passover cooking...my late, precious mother-in-law's macaroons..num num num num num. i have a really great kitchen tv num num num num. if i was reading this aloud i would sound like paula deen but i don't say 'ain't'.

Treme is a huge favourite of mine. Have seen each of first season's episodes at least 2 times. The way the music is used in that show is genius. Glee could learn a thing or two. Next week season 2 begins - glory! Currently watching The Killing and NYPD Blue the Jimmy Smits years...(again)

Funny, with a name like Idris I was expecting a Welshman. So not a Welshman.... and yes very nive looking! Wish we got some of those shows here in New Zealand.

I wish there were more shows this season that I'm in to. I'm loving Chicago Code and just started watching Breaking In (love C. Slater!).
I'm holding out on the last FNL...I'm in denial and as long as I don't watch the last one then it's not over. haha

I enjoy a few shows on the Travel Channel. Anthony Bourdain's show and Andrew Zimmern.

Every other night I'm living hockey as I know you are!!! I find it disturbing that I'm getting really anxious during these playoffs!! This is NOT me!

Thank you for the FNL suggestion. I am still in season one - but the combination of FNL and my Ipad gets me to the gym every morning.

Hockey playoffs are the only thing making the cut here. :-)

Jennifer-- I hear ya!

Sarah I found another thing I need to learn about hockey. WHO might we be up against after finishing off the Blackhawks tonight?! I need to read around I guess.
I'm so nervous about tonight's game. Defeating the reigning Stanley Cup champs in the first round will just be awesome.

In 5 1/2 hours I'll be sitting in front of the tube on the edge of my seat! GO CANUCKS!!


The NHL Playoffs (Go, Red Wings!) and Extreme Couponing - don't judge me. It's amazing voyeurism at its finest; who really needs a "toothpaste room?" The people on this show. Ironically, it comes on right before "Hoarders: Buried Alive."

I have to say, I really want to like The Killing, but I'm having a hard time. I think the main detective, who seems to have only one expression - her super serious face, is just bugging me. I'll keep watching though to see where it goes. And it's certainly better than most stuff out there. But I was hoping it'd be better than it is. My favorite show on right now is Nurse Jackie. Love it!

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