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That's insane yet predictable that they just didn't call. Best of luck. Three is a good number

More bated breath. The blanket is FANTASTIC!

(said in 13 year old squealy voice) O. M. G. I'M SOOOOOOO EXCITED!

By the way, I would have called at 10:03AM, which is well past late morning. Especially considering the circumstances, I'm not sure how you lasted so long.

Can't wait to hear what happens!!!!!!!

Doctor's offices just don't understand how important it is to call when they are supposed to. So frustrating. Good luck to you, and be careful with that yoga!

3 is good! 3 is good! Praying praying praying.

yeah, LOVE LOVE LOVE the baby blanket!!!

Go Canucks! Go Canucks! Go Canucks!

See, everything in 3's......3 is good!

so, ya know when really great events happen and everybody is cheering and the cameraman catches up to the star who's all sweaty and smiling because the dream has come true well, i got that part handled for you since you'll be busy meditating because guess what? on wednesday i get to say (for you) and for real... "i'm going to disneyworld!" and that's just plain karma.

i also need the name of the guy who was supposed to call you. and i need it now...i mean it! and finally, ralph lauren would so claim that blanket for his next collection. too wonderful and p.s. great job. thinking of you and your dishes while stock-piling fairy dust. xxoo

three's the charm :-) good luck tomorrow!!!

Three is great! You don't want to transfer more than that anyway. Happy transfer day tomorrow- get ready to relax, relax, relax!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

3 is my lucky number. sending luck to you!!

I'm going to follow your yoga teacher's suit and practice a meditation with my class today on your behalf. We'll be sending all good energy your way. With much love ....


thinking crazy good thoughts for you!


3 is fantastic! (and waaaay better than none, or 1, or two!)

Sending positive vibes your way and can't wait to hear how Weds goes :)

Wow, three successes already!! Tiny cellular level miracles, those three are! Lots of prayers going up! (Oh, and gorgeous blanket!)

hi there! Do u have the pattern for this blanket? I am expecting my first baby boy and I want to knit one for him. :) I am totally new at this and hope this is simple enough for me to make.

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