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Shots, and patches and tablets, OH MY!

I can't cross anything else, Sarah. Hoping that everything goes well, and that we'll soon be discussing colors for the bambino's room!

sarah. you are my hero. i hope all that stuff mixes up a little medley of love potion #9 that makes a pumpkin for you. shannon's little finn is precious...it's just the happiest time...babies are precious. you need one but more than that...a baby deserves a mom like you. please God, connect those dots. please and please

go follicles, go drugs!

All of us here at BFG are sending our thoughts your way...we read your blog every day!!!

Don't be overwhelmed. When you get that big sheet with all of the instructions, just use a pen to mark them off as you go.

I'm feeling really hopeful about this for you. I'm also going to pray for twins so all this mess is doubly worth it. :-)

Take care of yourself!

Wow, I get behind on my blog reading (full time job and a toddler!), and lo and behold, it's almost retrieval day for you.

Yup, that's an impressive array of meds. It's absolutely overwhelming, but many have been exactly where you are right now and have triumphed! Hang on to that. Here's a link from almost 3(!!!!) years ago from my old blog that shows my insanely big box of meds. http://isothegoldenegg.blogspot.com/2008/08/finally.html

Aw, thanks, Sarah!

Finn just told me that about 9 months from now we'll be talking about how cute your newborn baby is. I'd believe him, he's got a direct line to the newborn baby factory.

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