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You sound great!! That's awesome and I think a good sign. Your embryos are amazing-looking!

Of course I'm praying like crazy for you, cause that's my job. ;-)


Congratulations and I hope they take! {{hugs}}

Yay! - Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way so that all continues to go well! :)

You sound sooooo good. Sending blessings your way ... and love ... and prayers ... and stuff ... xoxoxoxo

I love this: "So I laughed, dammit!", it so sums up the entire artificial reproductive journey for me. I might just use it for a blog post ;)
Good luck & sticky vibes!! I hope the 2ww flies by and ends with two little lines. Fingers crossed!

ha! this sounds so awesome!

Congrats! Wishing you plenty of sticky baby dust!

Congratulations on being PUPO! (Pregnant until proved otherwise!) Now comes the difficult bit - NOT thinking about it 24 hours a day for 2 weeks....

You're officially PUPO! Congratulations!
Your little embabies are adorable--- all my fingers and toes are crossed that they're settling in for a long 9 month staycation.

Even my cats have their paws crossed. (Though now they are having trouble walking.)


aw!! Thoughts and prayers. I have two beautiful nieces thanks to IVF and I hope you are similarly blessed.

SO EXCITING!! Remind me what the last procedure was that you tried? It was something different than IVF, yes? Trying to keep track :)

Been reading your blog for a while (via Happiness Project) -- really hope it works! All best wishes, etc.


Those embryo photos are amazing.

I'm looking into this too, so your story is very encouraging!

Can you please share how much it cost? If you don't want to be specific, I totally understand, maybe give a range of possible costs and options? I have no idea whether I can afford to embark upon this journey.

Yay, Sarah! I've been reading and cheering for you without posting for a while, but I had to send you some actual cheers today. The embryos look wonderful, and I'm sure they're nice and cozy in their new home. Sending you lots of positive and sticky energy! I hope the next two weeks go as fast as possible for you!

Yay, you're PUPO! I'm sending lots of positive thoughts to you and your embies. I had a very similar IVF experience (follicle numbers etc) and it worked for me, it can work for you too!

This time this time this time!

Every finger I have is crossed!

Very cool! And very exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of the right number of lines on a stick that you've peed on...

sending good thoughts and prayers your way-the pictures are amazing-you are so very brave!

AMAZING! :) big hug, m.


Congratulations, Sarah! I have leftover boxes of vivelle if you will be taking it for a while. :)

Wow! Those 3 embryos are so cute!!! I'm just picturing them growing and snuggling into their warm and cozy new home! Prayers have just been said, and I'll keep it up for the 2ww!

Sounds like you have a great team - I wish you all the success in the world!

And go Canucks!!

That sounds like a great transfer experience. Your attitude is terrific. Try to hang on to it during the TWW.

Sometimes I look at my adorable toddler(!!!) and remember the little white dots on the ultrasound screen. Pretty cool!

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