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BIG HUGE HUG!!!!!!!!!

I'll be praying!

It's hard and then once the transfer happens it'll be an entire new kind of stress, but at least you and your embryos will be together. IVF is emotionally hard. I don't think they tell you that when you get started.

Hang in there.

scoot over. we are 'sheltering in place' here at DFW Grand Hyatt. thank God we're not flying til tomorrow cause nobody be flying nowhere here in dallas.
the joplin tornado was horrific...i am amazed at the strength of people and just plain touched by kindnesses shown on so many levels by neighbors and volunteers.
however, you are perfectly justified in your stress and its steady climb. go get the milk. get some ice cream too. i'd also say pick up those black and whites from nat and al's...get a stack of those. eat two or three in the car. can you knit? but, your first thought was on target though..get in the bubble bath (with milk & cookies) and let calgon take your stress away.
the sun's gonna come out tomorrow.

How nice to realize that someday your child will read these posts and know how very much you wanted him or her to be born so that you could be his or her mother. Much love and all good wishes, M.

Sending positive energy and happy thoughts!

It's so tough to think of anything else but those little embryos...I know! I think the best way is to distract yourself somehow. I had to work so it forced me to not think about this during the wait. And it's even harder during the two week wait after the transfer! Reading your blog brings back many memories. Best of luck. Remember it's the quality, not the quantity, that counts in the end.

Even if you can not still your mind, just continue to BREATHE. It's the most important thing. Do your yogic breathing. It will help. I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your courage in sharing this journey. I admire and respect you so much. You are a personal hero to me. It takes guts to do this at all let alone posting it. YOu are an amazing person who will have a child and he or she will be lucky to have you. I will send you good thoughts tomorrow. and again, breathe.

Cut the hair off Daisy's hot spot and wash it with a mixture of 1 cup water and 1 tbsp tea tree oil. If that doesn't work use bleach instead. Just take care of what you can control. One thing at a time.

instead of milk try kava herbal tea or rescue remedy- more mild than valium but still helps! i second it- just keep breathing you're almost there and you are such an inspiration for those of us about to begin this process--thank you and remember to breath!(the rescue remedy can also be used on for Daisy)

thinking of you today and hoping you're leveling off...we're you-know-where, fl and i'm hooked up w/the wifi checking on the important stuff.

Take it easy, dear. Try to relax for a day or two and think about nothing at all. When your mind is all refreshed and rebooted, then you can start fixing all your problems. Hit the spa and have aroma therapy or whateve. There's a lot you can do to keep yourself from falling apart.

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