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Grow embies, grow! Best of luck Sarah!!

Best wishes!

Oh crap Sarah this post made me teary!!

How exciting for you!
I imagine a bundle of different feelings are going on right now.

I'll be praying all week for you. I have no advice but to....just breath.


Bated breath!

your own West Side Story. music to my ears. humming.......

Yeah! Congrats. It's a weird feeling isn't it. Having embryos, potential babies, somewhere else.

Fingers, toes, ankles, eyes... all crossed for you. Sending positive baby mojo to you, Sarah!!!

Five eggs, that's great! I hope you get a great fertilization report!

I have a good feeling about this! Can't wait to hear some good news!

I was thinking about you all weekend! Five is a great start! Get some good movies and books ready for after your transfer. You'll want to lay around for at least 2 days :)

Oooo teared up at that last line. Sending positive thoughts to you and those eggs this week and in weeks to come.

There must be something magical about Bora Bora, as that is where I'll go when my journey is finished! I feel good about this one!

Best wishes for a strong growing season!!!

Good luck!!

That's awesome! Looking forward to your embryo update.

Oh I am SO hoping for you!

Sending good thoughts your way! keep us posted!

Yay! Looking forward to a fabulous fertilization report!

Wow, 5 seems like great odds!! Super exciting!

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