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Good for you! Please show us the sweater when you're done. And the baby too, of course. :)

Courageous, with both the sweater and the baby. You'll get there.

Wow. Well said. Well thought. Next time.

Wow! I am so glad to hear you say all that Sarah!! Makes me excited for what is to come.........

I believe that very thing, about being in alignment with the energy of the universe. Sending you a big hug. Much love, Melinda

what you cannot see is me leaping to my feet and giving you a standing ovation! what a remarkable post this is...i'm so proud of you. but more than that, your comments are just so uplifting and positive, which tells me you are at a different place mentally and you have begun to feel the force that will guide you along on this journey. i swear, i could just juggle or something like juggling..something happy...oh, i know...it's coming...i feel it...i'm grinning..no...i'm grinning like a damn jackass!
a sweater showed you the way. helped you see the pattern. let you be ok with starting over and kept your heart open. way. to. go. toots! way to go!

I really believe deep down this is going to happen for you too. I just have a feeling about it.

People keep telling me -- faith doesn't mean much when things are easy. It's when it's hard to believe that faith becomes real.

X Julie

Love the last comment, it says it all!

My son plays soccer and they miss the goals Sooooo many times, but every now and then, one slips in, and boy do we cheer!

Love the optimism! The power of positive thinking can do wonders, I believe that. Will continue sending good thoughts!

Would love to see this tricky sweater when all is said and done.

And this is why I have no doubt you will soon be celebrating your BFP and impending motherhood. Great post!

beautiful post. your courage and wisdom is inspiring. Keep knitting!!!!!

I love this.

And I know you're going to be a mommy, and when you are, you're going to be fantastic.

"I really believe deep down in my heart that this is going to happen for me.

I just have to stick with it.

So that's what I'm gonna do."

That's what it takes, so you WILL get there. And trust me, this "stick with it" attitude will help with parenting, too. We're not there yet, but I imagine I'll need that attitude to deal with potty training. ;-)

You are an effin' rock star.

It's not how many times you get knocked down it's how many times you get back up.

Positive thoughts coming your way

So all of life is revisions, when you come down to it. :)

Nice analogy. I agree with it. Just because the ivf didn't work the first time doesn't mean it never will. Stay positive and stay with it.

I have just stumbled over your blog and feel it's kismet. I am 39 and have been in some serious therapy because I am single and fearing I will never have children, and that possibility is cutting me up inside. I am going to read each and every one of your posts. I'm a knitter too! :) Thank you for keeping this blog.

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